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Gastric cancer or stomach cancer is a growth of tumor in the glandular lining of your stomach. At the initial stage, this tumor develops into the interior layer of the stomach tissues; if not diagnosed at this stage it keeps on spreading in the nearby lymph nodes and then through the blood stream it moves in to the other distant body organs. To avoid this condition a number of researches are been carried often and among them some gastric cancer breakthrough are successfully used.

Gastric cancer develops and spreads gradually, so in most cases the patient is not aware about the formation of tumor into the stomach. Signs and symptoms of tumor development are unclear at the onset, and hence it remains undetected in this stage. Gastric cancer symptoms become noticeable when the tumor starts spreading beyond the original location (i.e. in to the adjoining lymph nodes and sometimes into the distant organs).

What are the major causes of the stomach cancer?

There are no certain causes that are responsible for the formation of cancerous tumor in the stomach, but yes, there are some risk factors that may increase your possibility of developing this disease. Some of the most common risk factors:

  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Genetic factors
  • Chronic atrophic gastritis
  • Gastric ulcer
  • Menetriere gastritis
  • Gastric resection in family history or your medical history
  • Gastric adenomatous polyps
  • Gastritis with colossal folds
  • Helicobacter pylori infection
  • Gastric adenomatous polyps

Gastric cancer breakthrough by China:

Researchers in China have successfully developed an oral vaccine that is effective in destroying Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium that increases the risk of stomach cancer. This vaccine is so designed that it helps to prevent the infection caused by the Helicobacter pylori that inhabits in the different parts of the stomach to develop cancerous cells. This is one of the first HP vaccines throughout the world that deals with eliminating the infectious bacteria. The state food and drug administration department in China has classified his vaccine is as a "first grade new medicine". The clinical researches revealed that this vaccine has a great protection rate i.e. above 72 percent against the Helicobacter pylori.

How a breast cancer medicine helps to treat gastric cancer?

Many researchers and doctors throughout the world are struggling to find out some effective medicines and treatments to cure stomach cancer. Chemotherapy helps the cancer patient to survive one more years on an average, but in rare cases. As per the new invention, Herceptin (trastuzuma), a monoclonal antibody is effective in increasing the gastric cancer life expectancy of a patient by almost three more months. Traditionally, this medicine is used as a part of chemotherapy to treat breast cancer patients. Note: A monoclonal antibody (Herceptin) is designed to work like actual antibodies. It functions to steer the foreign intruders or invaders out of the body.

This research proved significant, since it assisted the researchers to learn that 2 (HER2) human epidermal growth factor receptor, which is targeted by this monoclonal antibody, stimulates the tumor growth in breast cancer as well as in the stomach cancer ( in some cases).

Prompt treatment of stomach infections helps to avoid threat of gastric cancer:

As per one research team, the punctual treatment of a common stomach infection can help to repair the damage occurred to the interior lining of the stomach. It also proves effective to avoid the threat of developing cancer. Around 50 percent of population throughout the world is infected by the Helicobacter pylori. The doctors and researchers claimed that this is one of the major causes for gastric cancer as well as peptic ulcers.

Some researchers concluded that eradication of these bacteria proves effective to prevent stomach cancer at greater extent when the antibiotics were provided at the initial stage of the infection. But the eradication treatment given at the later stages also delayed the growth of severe lesions that can give rise to cancerous conditions.

So, these are the extracts from some of the researches that are carried out as a part of gastric cancer breakthrough. These researches prove effective in reducing the risk factors of stomach cancer.

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