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Gastric cancer is also recognized as stomach cancer. Gastric cancer may occur at different sites of the stomach. After diagnosis, if your doctor says that you are undergoing a stomach cancer, obviously you may wonder about your gastric cancer causes. Doctor seldom understands why this cancer develops in one person and not in other.

Majority (about 85 percent) of gastric cancer cases occurs in the inner lining of the stomach and is referred as adenocarcinoma. About 40 percent of cases develop in the lower part of the abdomen. At the onset, your gastric cancer may develop in the lining, further it may get metastasized in the nearby organs such as the small intestine and esophagus. In the later stages (phases for stomach cancer), it may extend towards the colon; liver and pancreas through the lymph nodes connecting them with the stomach. If it is not diagnosed in these stages, it may metastasize in other distant organs such as bones, lungs, ovaries etc.

Gastric cancer causes and risk factors:

There are some risk factors that may lead one to develop the gastric cancer. Your doctor may know that probably which factors may increase the possibility of developing cancer cells in a person. A risk factor can be a condition that increases the possibility of getting a disease. Here are some of the key risk factors that cause stomach cancer in a person.

  • Long term stomach inflammation: People who undergo inflammation (due to the blood disease or pernicious anemia) in the stomach for long course are at higher risk of getting stomach cancer. Also people who had a surgical removal of any part of the stomach may experience long lasting stomach inflammation and thus increase the risk of getting stomach cancer.

  • Smoking: Smokers are more prone to develop the gastric cancer as compared to non- smokers. These people are at high risk of developing some other cancers as well.

  • Obesity, lack of physicals activities and unhealthy diet: As per studies, obesity can contribute in the development of cancer cells. Obese people are at greater risk of developing cancer in the upper abdominal region. Lack of physical activities may also give rise to gastric cancer. Some studies revealed that people who involve pickles, more salted foods, and smoked foods in their diet often are at increased risk of getting gastric cancer. On the other hand, people who include fresh fruits and vegetables in their regular diet are at lower risk of gastric cancer.

  • Family medical history: If your primary relatives or close relatives such as parents, sister, brother or children has a history of cancer, probably you may be at great risk of getting it easily. If many of your close relatives have a history of gastric cancer, the risk becomes higher.

Key causes of gastric cancer:

So far, there is no particular cause for the development of gastric cancer, but there are some factors that may increase the possibilities of gastric cancer. Some of the gastric cancer causes:

Environmental factors:

Exposure to certain elements such as molds, dusts, fumes and some other environmental agents in your workplace or home has been associated with the gastric cancer causes. Smoking may also elevate the risk of getting cancer.

Disorders and diseases:

Gastric cancer often starts to develop at a site where the lining of the stomach gets irritated or inflamed. However, many scientists claim that inflammation occurs due to the development of cancer and hence should not be considered as a cause. Some studies revealed that ulcers in the stomach are responsible for developing cancer conditions in the stomach. Stomach polyps are considered as the ancestors of cancer and are eliminated as a step of precaution. Risk of cancer depends on the types, number and size of the polyps.

Medical conditions that are responsible for the origin of cancer include:

  • Gastrectomy : Partial elimination of the stomach

  • Two forms of anemia: Person undergoing pernicious anemia and megaloblastic anemia may have a possibility to develop gastric cancer.
  • Menetrier's disease or atrophic gastritis: Both are stomach disorders that contribute in the growth of stomach cancer.

  • Various infections: Helicobacter pylorus is a form of bacteria that usually infects the inner layer of the stomach. This infection may cause peptic ulcers and inflammation in the stomach and thus increase the risk of gastric cancer. Helicobacter pylori are associated with the duodenal ulcers that generates in the stomach.

Diet: Certain dietary factors increase the risk of developing cancer cells in the stomach. If these dietary factors are followed for a longer period, your chances of getting cancer are high. These dietary factors involve:

  • High amount of salt on a regular basis
  • Less use of green, fresh vegetables and fruits
  • High use of preservatives in your regular diet. These foods include pickles, smoked foods and salted foods.

Many people who have these risk factors do not undergo gastric cancer; while on the other people develop this cancer without any risk factor. Though, there is no particular reason for the cancer development, still above mentioned gastric cancer causes contributes to the increasing possibilities.

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