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Gastric cancer develops in the interior wall of the stomach. Since it does not show any noticeable symptoms at the onset, identifying the cancer cells becomes difficult. At the later stages, the patient may experience severe pain in the stomach, loss of appetite, unintentional weight loss, blood in the stool and so on. All these signs indicate some abnormal activities in your body. In cases of these abnormalities, you are recommended to visit a doctor. Your doctor will conduct a diagnosis on the basis of which your cancer treatment is based. The percentage of gastric cancer cure for any patient depends on certain factors.

During the stomach cancer diagnosis, your doctor will discover the extent at which your cancer cells are spread, as this condition helps to decide the treatment that will work on you effectively. Detection of gastric cancer involves the various medical and physical tests. Some are helpful for the confirmation of cancer development while some allows finding the exact location where the cancer is developing.

Gastric cancer treatment:

Surgery is considered as an effective technique for treating your stomach cancer. This form of treatment increases your chances of gastric cancer cure. If your cancer is detected in early stages it can be cured more easily. Surgery is a technique in which the cancer cells are removed from the location, if the cancer is spread to the nearby lymph nodes, your doctor may prefer to remove the adjoining lymph nodes as well.

Another form of gastric cancer treatments involves chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Radiotherapy combined with chemotherapy, has recently proved to be very effective in treating the stomach cancer cells. It may also help to convert an uncontrollable tumor into operable one. The regime used in this method is complicated and toxic and hence, very few patients are able to get adjust to this treatment.

Options for gastric cancer cure:

Other than the usual gastric cancer treatments, there are some more additional techniques that a patient may prefer to get cure.

Clinical trials:

For some patients, opting for a clinical trial can be an ideal option of treatment. Clinical trials are considered as a part of stomach cancer research procedure. Clinical trials are performed to discover some new techniques of gastric cancer treatment that are effective as well as safe or better than the standard techniques. Many of the current techniques are evolved from the old clinical trial techniques. Patients, who prefer the new clinical trials, help to improve the methods of cancer treatment in the future. Although sometimes, the new clinical trials does not prove as an effective cancer treatment, still they often answer some important questions and add some innovative discoveries and move the research further.

Patients can opt for the clinical trials before, after or during their cancer treatment:

Some patient preferring the clinical trials may not have received any treatment previously. Other trail treatments are for the patients whose cancer has not cured yet. Some clinical trials help the patient to stop the stomach cancer reappearance (coming back) to diminish the side effects caused due to cancer treatments.

Follow up test after the treatments:

Follow up test plays a significant role in the success of the gastric cancer cure. Some of the tests were performed to diagnose the cancer while some of the tests were carried out to find the stage of the cancer. Some test will be carried out again to see how well the treatment has worked. Preferences about whether to change or stop the treatment or continue it may be based on the outcomes of these tests. This process is sometimes referred as re-staging procedure.

Some tests continue on a regular basis after the treatment. These tests are carried out in order to check the status of the patient after the treatment has ended. Results of these tests help to know whether your conditions are changed or if your cancer has recurred.

These tests can be referred as regular check-ups or follow up test. Along with all these tests, one needs to take care of his diet as well as his lifestyle to prevent gastric cancer.

Safety measures and gastric cancer cure:

There are certain preventive measures that one needs to carry out with an aim to get success in gastric cancer cure. Following steps will help you to reduce the risk of recurring gastric cancer:

  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid excess consumption of alcohol and use of tobacco
  • Take medicines and drugs to treat the reflux disease (in case if you have it)
  • Eat healthy diet which is rich in vegetables and fruits.

All the above steps along with the clinical trials and standard treatments are beneficial for the success of gastric cancer cure. Make sure to visit your doctor at the early stages, since treating the disease at the onset gives more effective results.

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