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It is somewhat tricky for the doctors as well to explain; why one individual may develop symptoms of gastric cancer while another does not. Although, researchers have conducted some studies on the general pattern of stomach cancer causes, they have learned about certain things that are present in our surrounding that can increase the risk of getting cancer in a person. The term, gastric cancer prevention deals with the steps to avoid the development of cancer in a person. Prevention also means taking precautions to avoid the risk factors that contribute in the growth of cancer cells.

Anything that elevates the possibilities of developing cancer in an individual can be termed as risk factor, while anything that lowers down the possibility of getting a disease can be termed as protective factor. There are certain factors that increase the risk of getting the cancer can be avoided, while some risk factors cannot be avoided.

What are avoidable and non-avoidable risk factors?

Avoidable factors can be certain habits that are responsible for the growth of cancer. These risk factors include often smoking, consumption of alcohol on a regular basis. Cancer can be inherited through your parents or primary relatives, since you cannot decide which genes should be transferred in your body, this type of risk factor can be termed as unavoidable risk factor. Excess smoking, alcohol and inheriting certain genes are certain factors that increase one's possibility of developing gastric cancer, but only smoking and alcohol are avoidable. Prevention refers to decreasing the latent factors and elevating the protective factors.

Although, certain risk factors are avoidable, still it is significant to know that preventing the latent factors does not assure that you will not develop the cancer in your body for sure. Many people, with certain risk factors of stomach cancer do not undergo this disease, while some are more susceptible than others to these risk factors. Consulting your doctor can help you to get precise information about the gastric cancer prevention techniques.

Key steps for gastric cancer prevention:

If you observe any of the gastric cancer signs or symptoms in you, get it diagnosed as early as possible. If you think that you are surrounded by certain gastric cancer risk factors consult your doctor for undergoing the prevention measures. Your doctor can help you with the best gastric cancer prevention methods that can work on you effectively.

  • First step you can take as a gastric cancer prevention method can be, avoiding use of cured and preserved food in your daily diet.
  • One needs to avoid the use of highly smoked and pickled foods as well as eatables that contains high amount of salt (meat and fish with high amount of salt).
  • Becoming familiar to the risk factors of gastric cancer can be a helpful measure.
  • Consider having a healthy diet which includes green, leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. If you involve certain fruits and vegetables in your diet on a regular basis, you can avoid the development of cancer. As per the American Cancer Society, a diet rich in sprouts and whole grain foods can contribute to prevent the growth of stomach cancer.
  • Often use of green tea is recommended, since it can help to avoid stomach cancer.
  • Consumption of alcohol and smoking cigarette has proven to contribute in the development of cancer cells. Use of tobacco can give rise to many types of cancers; one of them is gastric cancer. Along with other cancers such as lip cancer, mouth cancer, lung cancer, chewing tobacco increases the risk of stomach cancer as well.
  • According to the American Cancer Society, using aspirin or some other non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs and medications to treat pain and headache can be helpful to decrease the risk of gastric cancer.

There are certain modifiable risk factors:

Pre-existing medical conditions: If you undergo some bacterial infection (helicobacter pylori), you are at high risk of developing stomach cancer. Long term reflux of gastric elements and the spread of cancer cells in the cellular lining increase the possibilities of getting cancer where the stomach and esophagus gets linked.

Healthy diet and routine habits: Avoid preserved and salted foods (salted meat and fish). Studies revealed that consumption of certain foods that are rich in vitamin C and beta- carotene are helpful to reduce the possibilities of developing stomach cancer, particularly if the use of micronutrients is insufficient.

Follow up on any of the gastric cancer signs, such as frequent feeling of vomiting or persistent abdominal pain. Consulting your doctor can help you get the effective gastric cancer prevention methods.

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