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Gastric cancer has become more common in many parts of the world, especially in the underdeveloped countries or less developed states. Stomach cancer is becoming a prominent cause of cancer-associated mortalities throughout the world. Observing any abnormalities related to the stomach should be diagnosed by the doctor promptly, since they may be the gastric cancer early signs. Your prognosis can be evaluated by using the available gastric cancer statistics.

Stomach cancer occurs when a tumor grows in the inner wall of the stomach. This cancer grows gradually and hence discovering its symptoms at the onset is quite tricky for the patient as well as the doctor. Its early symptoms mimic the symptoms of other medical conditions that are less fatal.

How gastric cancer statistics are helpful for treating the patient?

Always keep in mind that statistics are the averages that are calculated by considering a large number of patients. They are not based on the specific conditions of a particular patient, but they are the generalized figures. Gastric cancer statistics does not help to predict the exact outcomes for each person. No two people have same cancer spread and similar treatment response; both these terms vary for each person.

You should not hesitate to ask the doctor about your gastric cancer prognosis, although even they cannot tell exactly what may happen. You might have heard your doctor using the term "five year survival rate". This does not intimate that you will survive only for five years, but this term is associated with the proportion of the people who stays alive for more than five years after the this cancer diagnosis.

Mostly, doctors refer the studies of the cancer treatments that have helped the patients to recover soon and thus increase the five year survival rate. This technique helps them to compare the outcomes of the different remedial methods or treatments.

Recent estimates of gastric cancer statistics:

The American Cancer Society has carried out a survey. With their research (stomach cancer investigation), they have come up with some data related to the gastric cancer statistics:

  • As per their stats, around 21, 520 cases of stomach cancer are filed and diagnosed, among which almost 8,400 are women and 13,120 are men.
  • Around 10,340 diagnosed patients may die due to this cancer among which 4,080 are women while the 6,260 are men.

As per the studies, this disease usually affects the older people. The average age of the people, diagnosed with the disease is above 70 years. Almost two third of the overall population undergoing stomach cancer are around or over 65 years. The possibility of developing gastric cancer in a person throughout their lifetime is around 1 among 114. This risk is slightly greater in men as compared to women.

Some facts and assumptions:

Till some decades, gastric cancer was the leading cancer that causes deaths in many states. These days, these stats have declined. The reason for the declination in the gastric cancer death rates is yet not completely known, but it is linked with the increased use of refrigeration technique for storing the foods stuffs. Refrigeration helps to increase the availability of fresh vegetables and fruits and thus decreased the use of smoked and more salted foods. Some doctors said that this decline may occur due to the frequent use of antibiotics to treat any disease or infections. Antibiotics are helpful to destroy the Helicobacter pylori (a kind of bacteria that can work as a major source of stomach cancer).

Are these statistics reliable?

No statistics can be helpful to know, exactly what can happen to you. Cancer of each person is unique. Same type of stomach cancer may develop in different people at different rates. The statistical data is not meticulous enough to tell about the variety of treatments that people have preferred, or how that particular treatment has affected the prognosis of that people. Some treatments were beneficial to relieve the patients from the symptoms as well as increase their life. There are several individual aspects that are helpful to determine the treatment and prognosis for a patient. If you fit the preferred treatment well, you are likely to recover early and do better than others.

Ultimately, it can be said that the available gastric cancer statistics is helpful to get a generalized idea about the fatality of this disease and not the personalized estimate of your stomach cancer.

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