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Gastric cancer is also signified as stomach cancer. It develops gradually over a number of years in the interior lining of the stomach. It proceeds with the cancerous changes in the interior wall of the stomach, which are usually unnoticeable at this stage. As this cancer develops gradually, symptoms of cancerous growth can be observed in the later stages. Since, its symptoms are not visible at the onset; your cancer may remain undiagnosed for long. Delay in the gastric cancer diagnosis is the major cause of poor gastric cancer survival rate.

Gastric cancer treatment is threefold and usually depends on the stage of your stomach cancer during the time of diagnosis. After detecting the cancer, a surgery is performed to remove your tumor, it is then followed with the radiation therapy and chemotherapy in order to control the spread of the cancer cells and thus extend the survival rate of the patient. Both the post surgery therapies are beneficial to avoid recurrence. In the case of stomach cancer, complete cure is a rare occurrence.

Worldwide survival rates for gastric cancer:

The overall five year survival rate for gastric cancer is around 20 percent, which indicates that only 1 will survive for five years among the five cases. Although, if the cancer is at local stage (it means not spread in the lymph nodes), then the five year gastric cancer survival rate reaches up to 75 percent and fortunately two thirds among these survivors get completely cured. Gastric cancer survival rates that are based on the initial stage of stomach cancer provide an overall 70 percent for five year survival rate. Unfortunately, very few cases (only one percent) are diagnosed at this stage. 6 percent of cases are diagnosed at stage 2 (five year survival rate is 42 percent). A rational number of cases are diagnosed at stage 3 and their five year survival rate is around 20 percent. An overwhelming number of patients (about 80 percent) are detected at the advanced stage of stomach cancer and their five years survival rate is barely 5 percent.

Significance of gastric cancer stage while calculating they survival rate:

While calculating the gastric cancer survival rate, considering the stage of the cancer is essential, since it indicates the size as well as the extent of your cancer spread. The grade of your stomach cancer implies the aggressiveness of your cancer cells, usually the least the grade of your tumor, the better will be the gastric cancer survival rate of the patient. As per some studies, around one million deaths take place annually worldwide due to stomach cancer. It ranks 4th in the list of most common cancers throughout the world and stands 2nd in the list of cancers that causes deaths at greater levels.

Factors affecting gastric cancer survival rates:

Stomach cancer survival rate will depend on certain factors:

  • Your cancer stage
  • Accurate type of the cancer
  • Grade of your cancer

Stomach cancer can be categorized in different types as per its location of origin. Majority of the stomach cancer are adenocarcinomas.

This type of cancer begins in the glandular lining of the stomach. There are some rare forms of stomach cancers such as lymphoma of the stomach.

The cancer stage indicates the size and the extent of spread of the tumor. Stage 1 is the initial stage of cancer, in which it has a better prognosis than a metastasized one. In this stage chances of successful gastric cancer cure are more. The grade of your stomach cancer can be identified by examining the cells under the microscope. When the cancer cells look more normal, your cancer grade is lower. If this examination shows large number of abnormal cells, then it means your cancer is at higher grade. Lower grade cancers tend to develop and spread gradually while the higher grade cancer gets spread fast.

Condition of each person varies:

While stomach cancer statistics provide the overall scenario, always remember that, situation of each person is unique and there is no particular method to predict what exactly may occur in your case. In this case, consulting your stomach cancer care team can help you get an ideal treatment option that will help you to cure successfully.

Since, no two persons have same type and spread of cancer, in all we can say that the gastric cancer survival rate for each patient varies as per the conditions.

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