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Cancer is described as multiplication or division of cells in an uncontrollable manner. The cell is the basic unit of life. These extra cells come together to form tumors.

Tumors are divided into two categories

  1. Benign tumor- These tumors are generally harmless. They are not responsible for cancer
  2. Malignant tumor- These are cancerous tumors and can be fatal if not treated early. Treatment for head and neck cancer cure is available now even to the remote villages in government hospitals at a very low cost.

Cancers that come under the category of head and neck cancer are:

  • Oral or mouth cancer
  • Salivary glands cancer
  • Paranasal sinuses cancers
  • Nasal cavity cancers
  • Pharynx cancer-

Nasopharynx (upper part of the pharynx) Oropharynx cancer (the middle part of the pharynx) and Hypopharynx cancer (lower part of the pharynx)

  • Larynx or the voice box cancer
  • The cancer of lymph nodes present in the upper part of the neck

Symptoms of head and neck cancer:

  • Lump in the throat
  • Changes in the skin
  • Swelling in the mouth
  • Swelling around the eye
  • Pain in the upper jaw or face
  • Blockage in the nose
  • bleeding of the nose
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Consistent pain in the ear
  • Change in the voice
  • Problem in swallowing food

Head and neck cancer cure:

Head and neck cancer cure involves three primary treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. The combination of these therapies is used depending upon the stage of the cancer. There are four stages. First stage of cancer is quite easy to cure. Second and third stages of cancer can also be cured by these therapies. Sometimes, if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, then a combination of radiation therapy and surgery can be used counting upon its intensity. The fourth stage is the last stage of cancer. It is very difficult to cure at this stage. Doctors, however try their level best to reduce the intensity of cancer using the combination of all the three basic treatments. Hence, one must consult to their physician as early as possible so as to avoid the last stage complexity. Mostly, radiation therapy is followed by neck and head surgery in second or third stages of cancers.

Chemotherapy dosage varies from person to person again depending upon the concentration of cancerous cells. Sometimes, dosage can be low daily dose or weekly moderate low dose or high dose for few months. One must remember that chemotherapy has side-effects. Your doctor will elaborate you the consequences of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Head and neck cancer cure is available and better when treated early. The more you delay, the more it becomes serious.

Cancer has four stages. First stage can be treated effectively. Second and third stages are quite difficult to cure. But, due to advancement in the medical field, in science and technology, head and neck cancer in second and third stages can be cured. Cancer is very difficult to treat effectively when it enters in its fourth stage. So, visit your doctor when the symptoms arise consistently for more than two weeks. Do not panic. Cancers can be cured when detected early. Head and neck cancer cure is available due to scientific advancements.

Take care!

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