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Head and neck cancer is the cancer of the parts located in the head and neck region. Salivary glands cancer, oral (mouth) cavity cancer, cancer of lymph nodes present in the upper part of the neck, sinuses cancer, nasal cavity cancer, larynx cancer and the cancer of pharynx are all categorized as head and neck cancer. However, cancers of eyes, brain, scalp, skin, thyroid and bones present in the facial region are not considered as a part of head and neck cancer. Cancer is can be termed as irrepressible division or multiplication of cells. Hence, to treat cancer, one must visit doctor as early as possible when the symptoms arise and are consistent for more than two weeks. Remember, early detection helps in effective cancer treatment.

Symptoms of head and neck cancer:

  1. Changes in the color of the skin
  2. Change in the voice
  3. Difficulty in the process of breathing
  4. Swallowing of food becomes difficult
  5. Blockage of nose
  6. Bleeding of nose
  7. Lump in the throat
  8. Consistent pain in the ear
  9. Swelling in the throat
  10. Swelling in the mouth

There are several established cancer support groups. These groups help you to overcome all your difficulties related to head and neck cancer. One can either get admitted in their organization or pay visits on appointment basis. The choice is yours.

Support for people with Oral and Head and neck cancer (SPOHNC):

Support for people with Oral and Head and neck cancer (SPOHNC) is an organization in New York that helps in satisfying your needs. "SPOHNC is dedicated to raising awareness and meeting the needs of oral and head and neck cancer patients". "Support for people with Oral and Head and neck cancer (SPOHNC) is a self-help nonprofit organization involved in the development of programs of support. As such it can have an enormous positive impact on meeting the psychosocial needs of the patients as well as preserving, restoring and promoting physical and emotional health". Today, there are more than hundred chapters registered in SPOHNC throughout the United States.

Head and neck cancer support group:

It is a group in the USA that supports and educates people about head and neck cancer on first Monday of every month. The time is 6:30 to 8.00 pm.

West Penn Allegheny Health System:

This "Head and neck" cancer support group meets on last Friday of every month at the Intercommunity Cancer Center, Forbes Regional Hospital. It helps the patient and their loved ones in dealing with the disease. The seminar is for free.

The James:

JamesCare for life is an organization in USA. They state that "At the James, trained professionals help the patients recover and adjust to the new ways of living. Dealing with a head and neck cancer diagnosis and the special circumstances surrounding cancer be scary for the patients, and living with cancer involves more than the physical aspects of dealing with the disease. At The James, we help patients journey out of fear and into hope".


CancerCare is a social group that connects with people across the country to overcome cancer and spread cancer awareness (head and neck cancer awareness). They have their offices located at New York City, Long Island, New Jersey and Connecticut. So if you want to enroll into your groups visit the nearest office or join online support groups or telephone support groups led by Cancer Care.

These were the few mentioned head and neck cancer support groups.

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