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Heart cancer is a rare type of cancer which occurs when the malignant cells attack the heart. This results into a development of tumor. This tumor spreads throughout the body at a rapid rate. This tumor in advanced stages tends to gain control over the body. Heart cancer awareness aims at informing people about the symptoms, causes and diagnosis of heart cancer.

Heart cancer is generally divided into two types:-

  • Primary heart cancer
  • Secondary heart cancer

Primary heart cancer:-

In primary heart cancer, the malignant cells attack the tissues of the heart and then tend to spread to other parts of the body. So here the centre of development of tumor is the heart. This tumor if detected at an early stage can be successfully eliminated from the body.

Secondary heart cancer:-

In secondary heart cancer, the tumor targets other parts of the body and then attacks the tissues of heart. In this cancer origin of the tumor is not the heart. This tumor is considered as a severe form of brain cancer and is very difficult to cure (heart cancer cure).

Heart cancer symptoms:-

  • Massive chest pain
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Cardiomegaly
  • Pericardytis
  • Frequent Strokes
  • Swelling
  • Frequent heart attacks

Heart cancer causes:-

Alteration in the functioning of body cells:-

Alteration in the blood cells is observed because of unavailability of oxygen in the body. Due to this, the blood supply in the body gets affected and the levels of contaminated blood in the body increases. This further affects the pumping mechanism of heart and results into increase in levels of heartbeat. Due to this, the person experiences difficulty in breathing which is considered as the basic symptom of this tumor. Hormonal imbalance can also occur due to alteration in body cells.

Uncontrollable growth of cells:-

Heart Cancer Awareness Ribbon Uncontrollable cell growth is experienced due to imbalance in growth of body cells. When the tumor attacks the heart, it is unable to pump in the sufficient amount of oxygen which is required. This disturbs the levels of oxygen in the body as the body is not able to identify the amount of oxygen that is needed. So the cells do not get the required amount of oxygen. This affects the red and white blood cells and further weakens the immune system. So our body gets prone to wide range of other diseases. Slowly this tumor gains control over our body and it is not able to function properly. So it is extremely important to treat this tumor at early stages.

Heart Cancer Diagnosis:-

Heart cancer diagnosis is done by conducting several blood tests, CT scan, MRI scan and other techniques such as myocardial biopsy, cardiac catheterization, electrophysiology and stress test.

Myocardial biopsy:-

This test involves the removal of a piece of tumor from heart with a special catheter .This piece is later tested under a microscope and later it is examined with certain routine tests.

Stress Test:-

In this test, various methods are conducted to determine the blood purification system and whether your heart is able to handle the stress or not.

Cardiac Catheterization:-

This test involves injecting a dye in the blood vessels and developing pictures of the tumor in the form of X-rays. Later these pictures are examined and the location of the tumor and the widespread of the tumor are detected.

Electrophysiology test:-

In this test, the pathways and the electrical cavity of the heart is examined to detect cancer location and the nature.

Heart Cancer Treatment:-

Treatment of heart cancer includes common techniques like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery and palliative therapy.


In this therapy, various drugs are prescribed which help to destroy the tumor and the malignant cells completely from our body. However these drugs have enormous side effects and should be taken carefully. While subscribing these drugs certain time span of the treatment is set. This therapy is followed with nutritional therapy to overcome the side effects of the disease.

Radiation therapy:-

This involves the use of high radiating waves to destroy the tumor. These waves are passed throughout the body and the tumor and the malignant cells get destroyed. This therapy is generally combined with chemotherapy for the treatment of this tumor.


This procedure is performed to surgically remove the tumor cells from our body. In this procedure, a hole is made near the location and the malignant cells and tumor are completely removed. After this, certain medications are prescribed which avoid the tumor from re-occurring.

Palliative therapy:-

This therapy aims at mental preparation of the tumor. The patient is taught and encouraged to face the treatment and how to overcome depression throughout the cancer stages.

Heart cancer awareness has been a major issue for various countries as this is a rare type of tumor and so less information is available regarding the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of this disease. However steps are being taken to spread awareness with the help of conducting several surveys, informing people through websites and also including this in the syllabus of the students.

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