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Heart cancer is a type of cancer which is rarely seen in people. This tumor occurs when the malignant cells attack the tissues of heart. The tumor that occurs in this cancer is life threatening and so it should be cured at early stages. This cancer is generally divided into two types:-

  • Primary heart cancer
  • Secondary heart cancer

Primary heart cancer occurs when the tumor originates in the heart and spreads to other parts of the body. This tumor generally gets diagnosed in the advanced stages and so there are rare chances of survival form this tumor.

Secondary heart cancer is a tumor that occurs in other parts of the body and then damages the heart in the advanced stages. This tumor is into its best attacking form when it attacks the heart and it also damages the brain and spinal cord which are considered as vital organs of the body. So there is hardly any chance of survival.

Heart cancer breakthrough is the information about the cancer researches that are conducted in the treatment and diagnosis sector of the diseases. There are various cancer pills that are available which help in blocking the widespread of the malignant cells and so the risk can be minimized temporarily.

Scientists of Queen's centre of vascular science have developed a heart cancer surgery which helps to get rid of the enzyme that is produced during the chemotherapy treatment. This enzyme can result into re occurrence of the tumor and also considered as a threat as it damages the heart and spinal cord at a rapid rate.

University of Pennsylvania state that when it is diagnosed that the malignant cells have attacked the white blood cells, a vaccination of T-cells should be injected in the body as they help to fight against the cancer cells and kill them.

Canadian Cancer Institute has developed a virus called JX- 954, which when injected into the body fights against the malignant cells and the tumor and controls its widespread. This virus also protects the immune system by fighting against the viruses and other bacteria that attack the body. This virus is also used for protecting children against small pox.

A sensor chip has been developed by scientists of Cancer Institute of Munich. This chip helps to examine the content of oxygen that is supplied to the blood vessels through the blood purification system. It also helps to examine the speed of spread of the tumor and whether it is in aggressive mode or normal mode. The best part of this chip is that it functions automatically and derives accurate results. Besides this it also gives an idea about the contents of protein in body and the contamination done by the tumor. This chip is yet to be approved by the PDA and so it has not been implemented in the diagnosing techniques of this tumor.

Latest breakthrough in the diagnosis includes an introduction of a Nanostructured glass by the researchers of Southampton University. This glass records the perfect images of the development of the tumor and its spread throughout the body through their ultra short laser pulsars. This glass is a millimeter sized object that has the capacity to produce ultra high radiation images. This diagnosing technique is the cheapest of all methods used to diagnose this tumor. v Another breakthrough includes an introduction of a drug called X3* from the scientists of China. This drug is used to treat the blood vessels in the heart and brain. This drug also helps in reducing the side effects caused by the drugs used during chemotherapy. This drug also raises the possibilities of diagnosing the re occurrence of tumor at early stages. It also gives a complete analysis of the growth of abnormal cells of this tumor. This drug further helps to reduce the pain caused by this tumor and controls the toxic effects of this tumor.

American Institute of Cancer research recommends the use of Molecular labeling and Molecular Imaging for diagnosis as these techniques help to detect the invisible malignant cells. However, these techniques are highly expensive as the dyes used as radioactive markers are very costly and tend to lose their glow in just one use.

There are no adequate numbers of heart cancer breakthroughs available as this tumor is of a rare type and its causes are still unknown. Credit should be given to the researchers for implementing accurate diagnosing methods such as introduction of X3* drug, Molecular Imaging and Molecular Labeling. Several studies are being conducted by various cancer research institutes on the treatment procedure of this tumor.

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