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Heart cancer is considered as the most life threatening type of tumour amongst all cancers. This tumour occurs when the tissues of the heart get damaged because of the attack of malignant cells on the heart. This tumour affects the blood purification system in the lungs due to which levels of impure blood cells in the body tend to increase. This disturbs the balance of red and white blood cells due to which our body is unable to fight against the attacking viruses. This further weakens the immune system and the pumping system of the heart. In later stages of heart cancer, the cancerous cells attack the brain and so it is not able to recognize the signals of various body parts. This can result into paralytic condition of the patient. Heart cancer care deals with the physical, mental care and home care of the patient.

Heart Cancer Care:-

Following steps should be taken for proper heart cancer care:-

  • Providing the body with sufficient amount of rest :-

    A person suffering from heart cancer experiences fatigue as his body gets tired even if a small activity is performed. This happens because the immune system is damaged completely. So while fighting against this tumour, it is extremely important to provide your body with sufficient rest as it relaxes the muscles and gives the body a time to heal from the weakness caused by the attacking viruses.

  • Meditation :-

    Meditation is highly recommended for people suffering with heart cancer as it provides the body with physical and mental relaxation. It also enhances the blood purification system and helps to reduce the wide spread of the malignant cells. It increases the power of breathing and helps the body to control the intervals of breathing. It further increases the concentration, reduces the stress and strengthens the immune system. Thus, meditation helps the patient to deal with physical and emotional aspects of the tumour and also helps him to control his mind which is extremely important for dealing with this tumour.

  • Control the levels of stress :-

    While fighting against this tumour, it is very important to control the physical and mental stress of the body. Taking a lot of stress disturbs the functioning of body and produces heat due to inadequate relaxation. This can also result into hormonal imbalance and can cause more weakness in the immune system. Managing the stress levels and allowing the body to relax helps to maintain a healthy hormonal balance, strengthens the immune system and also improves the appetite of the body. Besides this, other heart cancer care techniques include:-

  • Home care :-

    The person suffering from this tumour faces a lot of weakness. Sometimes, the weakness is up to such an extent that the person just can't move out of his bed. Due to this, he is unable to perform various activities such as sweeping and cleaning the floor, washing utensils and perform other activities for cleanliness of his house. So it is very important to keep a maid to take care of the house of such a patient or if he cannot afford it then it is recommended that a family member accompanies him.

  • Physical care :-

    Due to weakness, the person suffering from this tumour is unable to take care of his personal hygiene. He cannot even cook his food. So it is recommended that one of the family members should stay with this person and provide him with good personal hygiene and healthy food. He should also train him to perform certain exercises given by the physician on a daily basis.

  • Mental care :-

    It is very important to provide the patient suffering from this tumour with proper emotional support. As this tumour is life threatening, sometimes the patient tends to lose his confidence and gets depressed. So constant encouragement and motivation should be provided to the patient to boost his confidence, maintain his mental balance and also helps him to control his stress levels.

Heart cancer care guidelines are also provided by heart cancer research centres and organizations working towards the welfare of heart cancer patients. Taking care of the mental, emotional and physical aspects of the patient help him to boost his confidence and also maintain the stress level which is extremely important while fighting against this tumour.

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