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Heart cancer occurs when malignant tissues attack the heart to form tumors. This tumor creates problems in the heart muscles and affects the flow of blood to the heart. It also affects the lymphomas which are located in the areas surrounding the heart. Heart cancer cure includes various techniques such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and palliative therapy. Heart cancer is generally divided into two types:-

  • Benign heart cancer
  • Malign heart cancer

Benign heart cancer is a tumor that originates in the heart and spreads to other parts of the body. This cancer is curable only if its symptoms are diagnosed at early stages. This cancer is regarded as the common type of heart cancer. Cancerous cells of this cancer spread throughout the body at a rapid rate.

Malign heart cancer is a type of cancer which attacks the other parts of the body and then affects the heart. In this tumor, place of origin is not the heart and so when the tumor attacks the heart it is already in the advanced stage. A person suffering from this cancer has rare chances of survival.

Heart cancer cure has been an interesting field of study for scientists as there are very less curing options that guarantee successful removal of the tumor and chances of survival. To understand heart cancer cure it is very important to understand the symptoms and diagnosis of the disease.

Symptoms of Heart Cancer are:-

  • Pericardiatis
  • Cardiomegaly
  • Stroke
  • Swelling
  • Massive pain in chest
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Murmuring of heart
  • Increased in level of heart beat

Diagnosis of Heart Cancer:-

Heart Cancer Cure Heart cancer diagnosis process includes various tests such as blood tests, MRIs, CT scan and angiography. These tests are considered as the basic tests of diagnoses. These tests give an idea about the location of the tumor. Other tests conducted for diagnosing this tumor include Pericardiocentisis, Stress test, Electrophysiology test, cardiac catheterization and myocardial biopsy. Among all these tests, electrophysiogy and myocardial biopsy are widely used as they tend to diagnose this tumor accurately.

Heart cancer Cure:-


This technique is considered as the basic technique for curing this tumor. In this technique, a hole is made near the location of the tumor and the malignant cells are completely removed from the body in a surgical way. After this procedure, various medications are prescribed which prevent from recurring. However, several studies and examples show that after this treatment, there are 20% chances of recurrence of this tumor.


This procedure is considered as the most common treatment on all cancers. In this therapy medications are prescribed which include several drugs. These drugs travel throughout the body and destroy the malignant cells and the tumor completely. While prescribing these medications, a particular time span is set for this treatment. This treatment cannot be carried out for a long time as it has enormous side-effects on the body. Side effects of this treatment include hair loss, appetite loss, skin allergies and sometimes they even tend to damage the immune system. This therapy of heart cancer is followed with nutritional therapy. In this therapy, several nutritional supplements are prescribed which help the body to recover from the weakness caused by these drugs.

Radiation therapy:-

This therapy is considered as the best treatment option. In this therapy, highly transmissible radioactive waves are emitted throughout the body. These waves travel throughout the body and damage the malignant cells and the tumor completely. The waves of this therapy are very powerful and sometimes tend to damage the tissues. This therapy is generally followed when chemotherapy fails to cure this cancer. This therapy is also considered as time consuming and cost-effective.

Palliative Therapy:-

This treatment is generally conducted in all kinds of life threatening diseases. This treatment generally focuses on disciplinary and emotional approach of the patient. The patient is treated on how to deal with this tumor emotionally. While facing this tumor, there are possibilities of patient getting into depression. So here the patient is taught how to cope up with the emotional aspects faced while dealing with the tumor. Even the family members of the patients are trained on how to behave with the patient when he is dealing with this tumor.

Heart cancer cure has been a major problem as there is no such treatment which guarantees complete removal of the tumor and the malignant cells. Even though, these treatment options deal effectively with the tumor, there are rare chances of survival. So the exact cure of this cancer is yet to be discovered and has become a big challenge for the doctors.

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