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Heart Cancer Life Expectancy

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Heart cancer is a type of tumor that gets developed when the malignant cells attack the tissues of the heart. This cancer is considered as the rarest of all type of cancers. The malignant cells of this tumor attack the blood vessels of the heart due to which the pumping functioning of the heart gets affected. Due to this inadequate oxygen is supplied to the blood vessels. This further affects the functioning of blood purification system in the lungs. This results into impurity of blood cells. In advanced stages the tumor affects the vital part of the body such as lymph nodes, brain and spinal cord due to which the complete functioning of the body may get affected. Hence, the hear cancer life expectancy is very low as compare to all other tumors.


This tumor is divided into two types:-

  • Primary heart cancer
  • Secondary heart cancer

Primary heart cancer is a type of tumor that occurs when the malignant cells attack the heart. Here the place of the origin of the tumor is the heart. So if the tumor is detected at early stages it can be eliminated from the body.

In secondary type of heart cancer, the tumor passes from other parts of the body and then attacks the heart. As this tumor has already damaged the other parts, there are very less chances of survival as the body is not in a condition to respond to any kind of treatment. So in this type of tumor, the life expectancy is very low.

Heart cancer life expectancy varies according the characteristics and nature of the tumor. If the size of the tumor is small, the cancer tends to spread slowly throughout the body whereas if the size of the tumor is big, it tends to spread throughout the body at a rapid rate.

Life expectancy also depends on the age of the person. If the person is young, his immune system is strong and so his body tries to fight against the tumor. Due to this, the tumor takes time to spread throughout the body whereas if the person is old, his immune system is weak and so his body is unable to fight against the malignant cells. Due to this, the tumor spreads to other parts of the body at a faster rate.

Life expectancy differs according to the sex of a person. It spreads at a higher rate in women than in men. A study done by American Cancer Research shows that in case of women, the average life expectancy is 2 to 3 months whereas in case of men it is 4 to 5 months.

Life expectancy also varies according to the physical condition of the patient during the time of the treatment. If the person is weak and gets infected by the attacking viruses easily, the tumor tends to spread at a rapid rate but if the person is healthy and his immunity is strong, his body tries to fight against the tumor and so it takes time to spread to other parts.

Life expectancy also depends on the medical history of the patient. If the patient has suffered from multiple numbers of serious diseases, his immunity is weak and so the tumor spreads at a faster rate.

Heart cancer life expectancy also depends on how your body is responding to the treatment and its side effects. The side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy can have enormous effects on the body. So if the immune system is weak it takes time to recover. Due to this, nutritional therapy is carried out which helps the body to recover from this weakness at a faster rate.

The overall life expectancy in the medium stage of the tumor is around 0.8 percent to 3 percent depending upon the nature and the spread of the tumor. When the tumor reaches the third and large stages, it has completely affected the lymph nodes, brain and spinal cord. So the body is incapable of responding to any kind of treatment due to which the life expectancy is very low. If the tumor is at advanced stages, the life expectancy is derived to be around 1 to 2 months.

Despite of many breakthroughs implemented in the treatment sector, still there are no treatment options available which guarantee the successful removal of tumor. The recurrence rate of heart cancer is also very high as compared to other cancers. Hence, heart cancer life expectancy is still low and is generally considered to be around 2 to 3 months after the development of the tumor.

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