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Heart cancer is a life-threatening type of tumour that occurs when the malignant cells attack the tissues of the heart. This cancer occurs rarely and people suffering from serious heart diseases are prone to this cancer. Heart cancer prevention can be done by keeping our heart healthy by eating healthy food stuffs and providing our body with sufficient amount of exercise. There is no certain age group for this tumour and it can occur in any age.

Heart cancer is classified into:-

Primary heart cancer:-

In primary heart cancer, the malignant cells attack the tissues of heart and tend to damage the surrounding areas. So here the origin of tumour is the heart. It is very difficult to diagnose this tumour at early stages. There are very less chances of survival in this type of heart cancer.

Secondary heart cancer:-

In secondary heart cancer, the tumour occurs in other parts of the body and then attacks the heart. If this tumour is treated at early stages and if its spread to the heart is avoided then there are very less chances of occurrence of this disease.

Heart cancer prevention can be done by taking proper care of your health. This can be done by:-

  • Prevent smoking and consumption of tobacco :-

    A person who smokes and consumes tobacco is more prone to this cancer as the nicotine present in such substances travel through the respiratory tract and damages the blood vessels that carry oxygen to the body. In later stages, insufficient amount of oxygen is carried to the body cells. This results into disturbance in the balance of red and white blood cells which further affects the blood purification system and the functioning of the heart. This can result into development of heart cancer. Hence to avoid this life-threatening disease one should stay away from cigarettes and tobacco.

  • Eating a healthy diet :-

    It is extremely important to consume a healthy diet to prevent heart cancer. Healthy diet simply means staying away from junk food stuffs, eating homemade healthy food and limiting the amount of consumption and dividing the meals into certain intervals. People suffering from heart disease are often given a DASH diet which means consumption of food stuffs which are low in cholesterol, fat and salt. This diet should be rich in proteins and vitamins as their deficiency can produce weakness in the immune system. They are also asked to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and are prescribed with omega supplements. Omega is a type of oil which helps to keep the heart healthy. They are also advised to reduce the excessive consumption of alcohol and limit its consumption.

  • Providing your body with sufficient amount of exercise :-

    Providing your body with sufficient amount of exercise helps to maintain the heart beat rate and also enhances the blood purification system. So people suffering from various heart diseases are often advised to workout at least for 30 minutes a day. This also helps to burn the extra amount of cholesterol and fats in the body and to maintain a certain body weight. Activities such as walking, running and stair climbing are also recommended on a daily basis as they help to maintain a moderate heartbeat rate.

  • Conducting regular routine check- ups :-

    This is also an important step for heart cancer prevention. Conducting a regular check up of blood pressure, levels of cholesterol and sugar helps us to understand whether the heart is functioning properly or not. In case of children, these checkups should be performed once in every two years whereas in case of adults they should be performed at least once in a year. Keeping a regular eye on your blood pressure and cholesterol levels also helps you to immediately take an action if any problem is noticed.

These heart cancer prevention steps help you to control the risk factors of this disease irrespective of your medical history, sex and age. They also help you to keep your heart strong by keeping an eye on the levels of cholesterol, fat and salt. Conducting routine checkups also helps you understand the performance of the heart and necessary steps to be taken if any problem is observed. Taking care (heart cancer care) of all these factors helps us to stay away from this life threatening disease.

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