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Heart cancer is a rarest type of cancer that occurs when the cancerous cells attack the tissues of the heart. The malignant tissues attack the blood purification system due to which the levels of impure blood cells in the body increase. This weakens the immune system and the body becomes incapable of fighting against the attacking viruses and bacteria. This further affects the pumping system of heart which is responsible for supplying oxygen to the blood cells. In later stages it completely damages the functioning of heart and also affects other parts such as brain, lymph nodes, spinal cord which are responsible for normal functioning of the body. Heart cancer prognosis is the overall analysis of the stages of the tumor and the factors that are experienced while conducting the treatment of the tumor. Before going through prognosis, it is very important to have a brief idea about the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Some of the symptoms of this tumor:-

  • Constant fever
  • Headache
  • Frequent strokes
  • Pericardiatis
  • Tachycardia
  • Murmuring of heart
  • Swelling
  • Difficulty in breathing

Diagnosis of heart tumor:-

The basic tests conducted for diagnosis of the tumor include MRI scan, CT scan, routine blood tests, X- rays and cardiogram. Advanced tests which help to give an accurate diagnosis of the tumor include myocardial biopsy, Cardiac catheterization, Stress test, Electophysiology test and Pericardiosenticis.

Treatment of heart tumor:-

Treatment of heart tumor is done with the help of surgery where a hole is made near the location of the tumor and the malignant cells and the tumor is completely removed. Other treatments include chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Chemotherapy is a treatment where certain drugs are prescribed which destroys the tumor and the widespread of the malignant cells.

There is a certain time interval set for this therapy as it cannot be continued for a long period of time due to the side effects of the drugs. This therapy and medical care of heart cancer is followed by nutrition therapy which helps to recover from the weakness caused by these drugs.

Radiation therapy is another option on this treatment where highly transmissible radioactive waves are passed throughout the body. These waves destroy the tumor and the spread of tumor cells. This treatment is highly recommended as there are no side effects of this procedure.

Heart cancer prognosis is generally divided into four stages:-

  • In the first stage, the malignant tissues start attacking the cells of the heart. Due to this, the blood vessels of the heart and lungs start getting affected. So a slight inflammation in area of lungs is experienced. The person then starts coughing which is considered as the basic symptom of the tumor. At this stage, the tumor remains in its place of origin and does not affect the surrounding area. If the tumor is diagnosed at this stage it can be removed completely from the body as this stage is very minor.

  • In the second stage, the malignant cells start attacking the lymph nodes and the blood vessels of the surrounding areas. Due to this, the functioning of these areas gets affected and so symptoms such as constant fever and headache are observed. It is extremely important to treat the tumor as there are possibilities of survival if it is removed at this stage. But in major cases the doctor diagnoses the symptoms as normal viral infection as there are no signals of the occurrence of this tumor.

  • In the third stage, the malignant cells attain a level of severity and starts affecting the main areas such as lymph nodes, spinal cord and the brain. This affects the functioning of body and person starts losing sensations. At this stage, there are chances of the person becoming paralytic. Even the tumor is diagnosed, it cannot be cured completely and there are very less possibilities of survival. Radiation therapy is the most recommended treatment at this stage as it is time consuming.

  • In the fourth stage, the tumor completely damages the functioning of heart, brain, lymph nodes and spinal cord and so all the vital organs of the body get affected. There are no chances of survival and the person cannot even survive for a month at this stage. No treatment is recommended as the body has person has lost all the sensations and is not at a state to respond to any kind of treatment

Factor affecting heart cancer prognosis are :-

  • Type of tumor
  • Location of the tumor
  • Medical history , age and health of the patient
  • Amount of widespread of the tumor
  • Number of symptoms observed during diagnosis of the tumor

Heart cancer prognosis also depends on the survival rate. The survival rate of heart cancer in the basic stage is about 8.5 percent whereas it decreases to 3.5 percent in the second stage. At the third stage, it is about 0.8 to 1percent whereas at the last stage there are no chances of survival and so the rate is zero.

While studying this tumor, it is extremely important to understand the prognosis as it gives a complete overall idea of the symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, stages and survival rate of the disease. Prognosis of this disease all helps to understand the symptoms that are observed at various phases of heart cancer.

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