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Heart cancer is a tumor that gets developed when the malignant cells attack the tissues of heart. This cancer is considered as the rarest type of all cancers as only 1800 cases of this cancer are registered every year in America. It is very difficult to diagnose this cancer as the tumor tends to spread throughout the body at a rapid rate. Heart cancer recurrence includes the regional recurrence, local recurrence and distant recurrence. There is high probability of recurrence of this tumor as there are no techniques available which guarantee the successful removal of tumor from the body.

This tumor is generally divided into two types:-

  • Benign heart cancer
  • Malign heart cancer

Benign heart cancer:-

Benign heart cancer is a cancer in which the malignant cells travel from other parts of the body and attack the tissues of the heart. There are chances of detecting this tumor at early stages and if it is detected the tumor can be successfully removed from the body by performing a surgery. Benign heart cancer is also known as primary heart cancer.

Malign heart cancer:-

Malign heart cancer is a type of tumor that develops in the heart. Here the origin of this tumor is the heart and from there it spreads to other parts of the body. This tumor cannot be diagnosed at early stages and so there are hardly any chances of survival from this tumor.

Symptoms of Heart Cancer are:-

  • Constant fever
  • Constant headache
  • Massive pain in chest
  • Swelling
  • Tachycardia
  • Heart Murmuring
  • Cardiomaegaly
  • Pericardiatis

Diagnosis of heart cancer is done by conducting various blood tests, CT scans, MRI scans and other routine laboratory tests. Other procedures conducted for diagnosis include Myocardial Biopsy, Cardiac Catheterization, Electrophysiology test and Stress test.

Treatment of this tumor is done by performing surgery where an endoscope is inserted near the location of the tumor and all the malignant cells are removed from the body. Other therapies include chemotherapy and radiation therapy which are followed by nutrition therapy and palliative therapy.

Heart cancer recurrence is generally divided into three types:-

  • Local recurrence
  • Regional recurrence
  • Distant recurrence

Explanation of heart cancer recurrence:-

Heart cancer recurrence is considered as the common problem of this tumor as there is no such treatment available which guarantees the successful removal of the tumor. However, many researches are being done and new breakthroughs are being implemented in the diagnosis and treatment sectors of the disease. American Cancer Care states that there are 25 to 30 % chances of recurrence even are the tumor is diagnosed at early stages. The type of recurrence usually depends upon the symptoms observed and the stage of the tumor.

  • Local recurrence :-

    In this type of recurrence, the location of the tumor is its place of origin. Even though the tumor is removed from the location by performing heart cancer surgery the tumor tends to reoccur as it is practically impossible to completely remove the malignant cells from the body. However, in this type of recurrence the tumor stays in the origin and does not spread to the surrounding areas.

  • Regional recurrence :-

    In this type of recurrence, the tumor reoccurs in the origin and starts affecting the surrounding areas like lymph nodes and the blood vessels. This stage is considered more advanced than the previous stage and happens when no attention is paid to the local recurrence. Regional recurrence includes all the main attacking areas of the tumor such as lymph nodes, brain and the spinal cord. In this type of recurrence there are very less possibilities of survival

  • Distant recurrence :-

    This recurrence is considered as the most advanced level of recurrence. At this level the tumor affects its place of origin, the surrounding areas and also the other parts of the body. The widespread of the tumor is to such an extent that the body loses its complete control. The main parts of the body such as lymph nodes, brain and spinal cord are already affected and so their functioning is completely stopped. There are no chances of survival in this type of recurrence.

Among all the cancer, there are very high possibilities of heart cancer recurrence as there are no treatment options that guarantee the successful removal of the tumor. However, the recurrence rate may vary according to the stage at which the tumor was diagnosed and treated.

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