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Heart cancer occurs when the malignant tissues attack the cells of the heart and develop a tumor. This tumor is a rarest form of cancer amongst all cancers. The malignant cells of this tumor tend to attack the blood vessels. This affects the oxygen supply and so the balance between red and white cells gets disturbed. Due to this they become incapable of fighting with viruses and germs and so the person gets prone to variety of disease. In the advanced stages of heart cancer, the impurity in the blood increases to such an extent that the heart is incapable of pumping out pure blood and the whole blood purification system suffers. This further affects the brain and hence it fails to recognize signals of various parts of the body. There are hardly any chances of survival when the tumor reaches the advanced stages. As this tumor occurs rarely, there are not enough diagnosing and treatment options for this disease. Due to this, various research centers and organizations are working heart cancer research aims at finding new techniques in the diagnosis and treatment sector.

Heart cancer is generally divided into two types:-

  • Benign heart cancer
  • Malign heart cancer

However, while conducting research all the important characteristics of both these tumors are taken into consideration.

Heart cancer research has been an interesting topic for the researchers worldwide as not much of research has been done on this tumor. A new device called Transmedic Organ System has been introduced by the Chicago Medical Center which helps to maintain the heartbeat even before it is utilized for heart transplantation. This technique helps to preserve the hearts that are donated for transplantation. In heart cancer, it helps to maintain the constant heartbeat rate and helps to prevent heart cancer problems such as death due to heart failure and synchronization of heart.

A new technique called Sternal Plating which helps to maintain the sternum and also decreases the length of time needed to recover from the heart cancer operation.

A new magnetically guiding system called Stereotaxis helps to avoid heart puncture and also helps to monitor various pressures that get generated in heart.

Various catheters such as Heart Wave ventricular device are capable of storing surplus blood and thus help in boosting the blood flow and improving the quality of life of the patient.

Imaging tests such as a echocardiography and 256- slice CT angiography have been introduced for diagnosing this tumor. These techniques are capable of giving 100% accurate diagnosis of the tumor and thus assist the surgeon to start the required treatment as soon as possible.

The latest technique introduced in this tumor is a balloon pump known as Cardio Plus which is regarded as the first intra-aortic pumping system. This is generally used to pump oxygen in the blood cells and so it helps to purify the blood cells. This treatment is generally conducted when there are possibilities of heart failure. This treatment is a temporary form of treatment and so it cannot be used in the long run.

There are several other researches being conducted on how to improve the heart muscle protection while treating the tumor. Various researches are being conducted on how to handle the immune system and control the inflammation that exists in mucosal system while conducting the treatment for conducting the treatment of this disease.

A special drug called digoxin has been introduced. This drug is yet to be approved by PDA. This drug helps to control the atrial fibrillation and is well known for its unique property called drug- repositioning.

A study conducted by World Cancer Research in 2005 revealed that abenzopyrene , a kind of carcinogen found in cigarettes can also lead to the development of this tumor. The susceptibility of these citrogens was 24.3, which is the highest amongst Afro-American people. A latest heart cancer research concludes that though chemotherapy drugs are considered as the best treatment for this disease there are certain doses which block the enzyme and reduce further damage of the heart.

There are various other researches that are being conducted on the tissue analysis and processing of the treatment which are considered as important aspects of heart cancer research.

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