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Heart cancer is a type of tumor that attacks the heart and spreads to other parts of the body. Heart cancer is the rarest type of tumor of all cancers. There are rare chances of survival from this disease. This cancer generally occurs when the impure blood cells in the body tend to increase. This affects the functioning of the heart and develops a tumor. The specialty of this cancer is that it gets diagnosed in the later stages and hence reduces the chances of survival. Coughing out blood and breathing difficulty are considered as the main symptoms of this disease. Heart cancer stages help us to understand the size and nature of the tumor and its spread throughout the body. These stages remain the same in both primary heart cancer and secondary heart cancer.

Heart cancer stages are generally classified into four types:-

  • Stage 1 where the tumor is small
  • Stage 2 where the tumor starts spreading in the surrounding areas of its locality
  • Stage 3 where the tumor spreads to other parts of the body
  • Stage4 where the tumor gains complete control over the body

Explanation of heart cancer stages:-

  • Stage 1:-

    At this stage, the tumor is very small and remains in its place of origin. It has just started affecting the blood vessels of the heart. Due to this, the person experiences minor problems such as coughing, wheezing sound while breathing, headache and fever. There is no main sign of any symptom at this stage. Slight inflammation may be noticed in the area of heart. So at this stage, it becomes extremely difficult for the doctor to diagnose the tumor and so there is no treatment for this stage.

  • Stage 2 :-

    At this stage, the tumor starts developing and affecting the areas surrounding the origin. These areas include the lymph nodes of the heart, the main bronchus, the inner layer of the membrane etc. The tumor's development is about 2cm and its growth is limited to the surrounding areas. The symptoms observed at these stages include fever, constant sound of wheezing, constant coughing, pimples, acne and rashes on the skin due to impurity in the levels of the blood.etc. If the tumor is diagnosed at this stage, there are chances of curing it successfully.

  • Stage 3 :-

    This stage is the stage where tumor starts reaching the level of severity. At this stage, the tumor has affected the heart, surrounding lymph nodes and tends to spread to other parts of the body. This results into lack of oxygen for the blood cells and so levels of impure blood in the body increases. This further affects the heart and so the heart starts pumping faster and releasing impure blood. Symptoms observed at these stages include high blood pressure, constant fever, difficulty in breathing, murmuring of heart, frequent strokes and swelling. It is very important to consult the surgeon as soon as any of the following symptoms is observed. Chemotherapy works best and is highly recommended for the treatment of the tumor at this stage. The tumor at this stage can also be removed with the help of surgery but this treatment is generally avoided as there are chances of recurrence of this cancer.

  • Stage 4 :-

    At this stage, the tumor has gained complete control over the body. It has affected all the parts of the body. The functioning of heart is affected to such an extent that it is not able to purify the blood. At this stage, the level of impurity increases to such an extent that there are hardly any pure blood cells present in the body. The balance between red and white cells is completely disturbed and so the immune system hardly responds. The person suffers from wide range of diseases. Even the brain loses its control over the body as it is unable to recognize the signals. The tumor has affected the body to such an extent that the body fails to respond to any kind of treatment. So at this stage, there are hardly any chances of survival.

Heart cancer stages remain common in both forms of heart cancer. At each stage the tumor advancement is observed in the growth of the tumor and it starts gaining control over the body. Hence, it is extremely important to cure heart cancer at early stages. If any of the early signs and symptoms of cancer is noticed, doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.

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