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Heart cancer is a rarest type of cancer which occurs mostly in people suffering from severe heart diseases. This cancer occurs when the tissues of the heart are attacked by the malignant cells. This tumour is life threatening and is very difficult to diagnose at early stages. It is very important to keep ourselves mentally and physically strong while fighting against this tumour. For this purpose, there are various heart cancer support groups which help to deal with emotional and physical aspects of the tumour. These groups perform various activities like one on one session with cancer patients, providing online platforms, helping the patients to deal with depression, providing behavioural training to the family members etc. These support groups have increased their networking by introducing various sites to deal with worldwide patients online via internet.

Joining such support groups helps in providing courage to the patients to deal with the tumour as they provide a platform to the patients where they can raise certain challenging issues and get their queries sorted out from some experienced doctors and researchers.

Heart cancer support groups also train the family members regarding how to motivate the patients to deal with the tumour, the problems which the patient might face while dealing with the tumour, how to exercise the patient and they also provide them with help line numbers which provide 24 hour assistance.

Heart cancer support groups are generally classified into various types. Some groups provide general support, some provide specialized support for children facing from heart tumour, and some support groups are run by a specialized panel of doctors, whereas some assist the family members on how to deal with the patient.

The major role of these support groups is to help the patients to help the patients to deal with tumour in the difficult stages. During this period, the patients are under continuous stress and tend to react in a way of anger. So these support groups provide such patients with certain advice and guidelines which make them easier to deal with such conditions. They also provide the patient with stress handling techniques which is a major challenge while dealing with this tumour.

There are various online forums or certain open sessions conducted where the family members are invited and given a chance to have one on one session with a reputed panel of doctors. In such discussions, various queries asked by the family members on problems they are facing while dealing with the patient are solved. They are also provided with free counselling where they are taught about several factors that should be understood while dealing with the patient.

There are various online help which provides information regarding insurance facilities to help the family members to cope up with the expensive costs of clinical trials. All the medicare benefits are generally included in these insurance plans. They also guide people on various aspects that are included in this medicare benefits. These insurances help the family members and the patient to cope up with the financial issues as treating this tumour is a very costly affair.

Support groups also include various organizations and institutes which provide the patients with financial assistance by providing them with medical loans. These loans are provided instantly and the interest rates on these loans are relatively lower as compared to housing loans, student loans or vehicle loans. There are also some non profit organizations which accept charities and sponsor the treatment of certain number of patients every year.

Support groups also include organizations that conduct free researches in the diagnosing and treatment techniques and also employ volunteers to spread awareness regarding the symptoms, risk factors and causes of heart cancer.

Besides these, there are several other call centres and NGOs which provide 24 hours service to the patients and their families. These call centres provide mental support and also help the patients and their families to deal with emergency situations.

There are also several activists who work towards the welfare and betterment of the patients. They also work for several heart cancer organizations in spreading awareness regarding this disease.

Heart cancer support bodies thus perform with several services such as conducting lectures to help the patients to deal with the tumour, providing insurance facilities and financial assistance, and spreading awareness regarding heart cancer.

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