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Heart cancer is a type of cancer which is considered as the rarest occurring tumour of all cancers. This tumour is very difficult to treat as there are insufficient treatment options available. The tumours tend to affect the blood purification system in the lungs and so the levels of impurity in the blood tend to increase. This further damages the pumping mechanism of the heart as it fails to purify the blood. In further heart cancer stages, it tends to affect the functioning of the heart and thus reduces the chances of survival of the patient. Heart cancer surgery is a part of treatment of this tumour where the cancer cells and the tumour are completely removed from the body. However, this treatment is highly criticized as the tumour tends to re occur after a certain period of time.

Other treatments options are chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are most performed treatments for this tumour. Heart cancer surgery is generally performed as benign when the tumour is diagnosed as the benign type. As this tumour is located in the left atrium it becomes very easy to remove this tumour with the help of surgery. When the tumour grows in the left atrium, it tends to block the blood which circulates through the chambers of the heart. Due to this, the patient suffers from frequent number of strokes. These strokes are very intense and so it is very important to remove the tumour within a short period of time otherwise the strokes can turn into more severe condition. For this, a surgery is performed where a small endoscopic instrument is inserted in the left atrium and the tumour and the malignant cells are completely removed from the body. After this, some medications are prescribed which prevent the heart cancer from re-occurring. Sometimes, due to this surgery severe weakness is observed in the body. So this operation is followed by nutrition therapy where certain nutritional supplements are prescribed. These supplements help the body to recover from the weakness and bring it to normal state.

Benefits of surgery are as follows:-

  • Surgery is cost effective than other heart cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The cost of performing these treatments is huge and even they don't guarantee the complete removal of the tumour from the body and its re occurrence.
  • Surgery is considered as the safe form of treatment as it is also time consuming. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to perform the procedure and the hospital stay after this surgery is about 5 to 6 days.
  • As acute portion of the location is cut, less amount of blood gets wasted unlike other treatments where constant external blood supply is needed.
  • The patient experiences less amount of pain during this surgery as local anaesthesia is given before performing the procedure. After the surgery, the cut portion is stitched and after a period of time, these stitches are removed completely.
  • There are less risks of infection as the surgery is performed with the help of endoscopic instrument. So the time required for recovery is very short and hence the person can resume his daily lifestyle within a short span of time.

Sometimes, if the normal heart beat rate is not resumed another surgery called Atrial Fibrillation is performed. In this surgery, all the blood clots that are noticed at the location of the tumour and the areas surrounding the location are removed and certain medications are prescribed which prevent the re occurrence of the blood clots. Later several tests are performed and these medications are stopped.

The medications that are prescribed after surgery contain high intensity drugs. These drugs can have enormous side effects on the body. Side effects of the drugs include hair loss, weight loss, appetite loss, rashes and over skin and other skin infections. So they are prescribed in certain time intervals so that the body gets time to recover from these side effects.

Heart cancer surgery is considered as the safest form of treatment and is recommended only if the tumour is diagnosed as benign type. However, there are chances of re occurrence of the tumour even after the surgery is performed.

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