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Heart cancer is a rare type of tumour which occurs when the malignant cells attack the heart and develop a tumour. This affects the functioning of the heart. As compared to other cancers, the tumour developed due in this cancer develops and spread to other parts of the body in a rapid manner. Effective heart cancer treatment at beginning stages of the tumour helps to remove the malignant cells and the tumour completely from our body. This tumour is generally divided into two types:-

  1. Primary heart cancer
  2. Secondary heart cancer

Primary heart cancer is a cancer in which malignant cells originate in the heart and spread to other parts of the body. This cancer is considered as the basic level of heart cancer. If this level is diagnosed at early stages it can be cured successfully. Primary heart cancer gets diagnosed in the basic diagnosing techniques and gives an accurate diagnosis.

Secondary hear cancer is a cancer which spreads to other parts of the body and then attacks the heart. This cancer is considered as the most severe form of heart cancer. It requires special techniques for diagnosing such as myocardial biopsy, pericardiocentisis, stress test, electrophysiology test and cardiac catheterization. There are rare possibilities of elimination of this tumour from the body.

Reasons of heart cancer are still unknown and have become an interesting field of research for the scientists worldwide. However some of the important causes of this tumour are alteration of body cells in the body and uncontrollable cell growth in the body. Alteration of cell growth in the body disturbs the level of blood supply in the body and damages the functioning of heart whereas due to uncontrollable cell growth there is an imbalance in the oxygen levels provided for the blood cells. Due to this level of impurity of blood increases and affects the pumping of heart. This increases the heartbeat rate which is considered as an important symptom of this tumour.

Heart cancer treatment:-

Heart cancer treatment includes various techniques such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and palliative therapy. In order to cure this cancer, it is extremely important to perform the appropriate treatment for the cancer as soon as it is detected.

Explanation of heart cancer treatment:-


Surgery is the most preferred treatment in the early stages of the tumour. In this process, a hole is created near the heart and the tumour and the malignant cells are completely removed from the body with the help of several techniques. After this process, some medications are prescribed for a period of time. These medications prevent heart cancer tumour recurrence. This treatment successfully removes the cancer cells from our body. However it has been criticized and avoided in the advanced stages because there are 30 to 40 percent chances of recurrence of the tumour. Completely removing the malignant cells from the body through this technique is practically impossible.


This therapy aims at removing the cancer cells with the help of drugs. In this therapy, several drugs are prescribed and a certain time span of treatment is set. These drugs travel throughout the body and destroy the tumour and the malignant cells. A study done by American Cancer Care shows the chemotherapy ensures 80 percent removal of the tumour and the malignant cells from the body. However, these drugs have several side effects and cannot be consumed for a long period of time. Some of the side- effects of this tumour include rashes over skin, skin allergies, weight loss, hair loss and appetite loss. They also tend to damage the immune system and so this therapy and medication of heart cancer is generally followed by nutrition therapy. In this therapy, various nutritional supplements are prescribed which help the body to recover from the weakness caused by chemotherapy drugs.

Radiation therapy:-

This therapy is highly recommended and considered as the most efficient way to remove the cancer cells from our body. In this therapy, highly transmissible radioactive waves are passed through the body. These waves travel throughout the body and destroy the tumour and the widespread of the malignant cells. This therapy is highly effective and requires a short span of time. The waves that pass throughout the body tend to create weakness in the body. So this therapy is further followed by nutritional therapy.

Palliative therapy:-

This therapy aims at mentally preparing the patient to face this tumour. In this therapy, the patient is taught on how to deal with the physical and mental issues he will go through throughout the treatment. Sometimes, this therapy is also combined with curative therapy. This therapy helps the patient to improve his quality of life while facing the tumour.

Heart cancer treatment options cannot guarantee the complete elimination of the tumour cells from the body. A study done by American Cancer Cure concludes that there are 20 percent chances of reappearance of heart cancer, no matter how effective the treatment performed is. However, performing these treatments at least help to provide temporary relief from the tumour cells.

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