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Kidney cancer awareness is a must for people because this is a very common cancer in the world. This is also called as renal cell cancer. Kidney cancer can be life threatening if it is not treated on time. This is a cancer which affects one or both the kidneys.

The awareness of this cancer can be spread by knowing the causes and symptoms of this disease so that individuals can protect themselves form this illness.

The symptoms of Kidney cancer are as follows:-

  1. Blood in the urine: This symptom is considered as the primary symptom of kidney cancer. This is a symptom which should not be avoided in any case by any one and especially not after the age of 55 years. The color of the urine may be rusty or dark red.

  2. Lumps are formed in the sides of the abdomen: This is also considered as the earliest sign of this cancer. There are lumps of some large boils which are formed in the sides of the abdomen. This can be felt by the touch of a hand. The skin gets tight and hard.

  3. Poor appetite: This is the time when the eating habits of an individual change. He begins to eat less food and feels fuller with the little quantity of food that he has eaten.

  4. High fever: High fever is also an early sign and symptom of this illness. This becomes the cause of concern if it lasts for almost for more than two weeks. This fever is not caused because of any cold or any sort of infection.

  5. Pain in the abdomen: This pain arises because of the lumps which are found in the abdomen. This happens because the skin gets tight and hard and immense amount of discomfort is observed when this pain starts to occur. This pain stays for a very long time.

  6. Swelling: Swelling is observed in the legs and the ankle when this cancer is in the developing stage. A lot of itching also follows in the swollen portion of the body

  7. Anemia: This happens because a lot of blood is passed out in the urine. Anemia occurs because there is a reduced red blood cell count and the body becomes weak because of that.

The other factor which is important to know by an individual for having kidney cancer awareness is what causes this cancer.

Kidney cancer causes:

  1. Age: - This is a factor which is not in the hands of the individual. This cancer can develop in anyone, and more specifically after the age of 55 years.

  2. Smoking: - Smoking causes a lot of issues in the body of an individual, lot of cancers, and also kidney cancer. A regular smoker is two times more at risk rather than a person who does not smoke at all.

  3. Being over weight: - Being obese is also a cause of this cancer. The more weight you have more will be the chances of you developing this cancer. This happens because an obese person has a lot of hormones which are excreted and which may have a higher risk of this cancer development.

  4. High blood pressure/Hypertension: - Experts say that, almost 55% of kidney cancer is caused because of high blood pressure and the 3 above mentioned causes.

  5. Kidney transplant recipients: - This issue will arise only when the patient has had a kidney transplant. The patients have to consume immunosuppressant medicines and thus the people who consume these medicines are at an higher risk than any other individuals who come under this cancer development age group.

  6. Chemicals: - Many a times, workers are exposed to many chemicals such as asbestos, cadmium and trichloroethylene they are higher risk of developing this cancer. The three chemicals which are mentioned above are also a very major cause of this cancer. Most of these industries are male dominating industries and thus it is said that this cancer is more prominent in males rather than females.

  7. Hereditary: - This is also one of the major cancer causes. Hereditary means that someone in the family has had this cancer and has been passed on to you. A regular health check-up is essential for the people who have this in the family.

  8. People who are on long-term dialysis: - Dialysis is a phrase which is used for the people who are undergoing a treatment because their kidneys do not function well. This is also one of the main reasons of developing tumor in the kidney.

Kidney cancer awareness is very important so that precautions to avoid this cancer can be taken by the individuals from the beginning. This is a cancer which arises because of very basic elements which individuals fail to take care of kidney cancer. The symptoms of this illness also arise at an early stage and so one should consult a doctor as and when any change in the health or the body occurs.

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