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Kidney cancer breakthrough and research is very important so that new type of drugs are evolved and are made available to the patients who are suffering form this cancer. This is generally done by cancer researchers and specialists who generate drugs and treatments by looking at the loop holes in the current treatments available for this cancer.

TORISELTM (temsirolimus), is a kidney cancer breakthrough and research therapy which can be used for treating the patients who have even had a metastasis of kidney cancer, i.e. the cancer has spread in various other parts or even one part of the body. TORISEL is a therapy which has received a priority from Health Canada because it works differently than other cancer therapies available in the medical world. It is the only mTOR-based kidney cancer therapy approved by Health Canada. mTOR (mammalian target of rapamycin) kinase, is a sort of protein that helps in cell production of the kidney.

In many cases, the diagnosis of cancer occurs at a later stage, and thus the state of the patient is below average. To treat such patients, this breakthrough is very helpful. When this type of kidney cancer detection takes place in the patients it is only curable when the correct form of treatment and drugs are given to the patients. There are many drugs which have been given a green signal by the American Cancer Society, but till date the best kidney cancer breakthrough has been TORISEL.

There was a clinical trial which was conducted to treat about 600 cancer patients who had a low kidney cancer prognosis. After the drug TORISEL was given to these patients, it significantly had improved the overall rate of survival by almost 40%.

The second best kidney cancer breakthrough and research has been of a drug called Sunitinib. This is a drug which has supposedly doubled the survival rate of the kidney cancer patients.

This is a drug which works the best even in the last stages of cancer. A research has revealed that this drug has increased the life expectancy of the kidney cancer patients by almost 24 months when they had just 9 -10 months left for surviving. This is a drug which is given in the form of an injection. More than 10000 people were diagnosed with kidney cancer in the United States of America and almost 4200 people died within 10 months where if they had consumed this drug, the rate of survival would have been beyond 15 months.

The third breakthrough and research in kidney cancer has been done by the medical department of Kidney Research UK.

This research is a project which was led by Dr John Bradley who's based at a hospital in Cambridge. He said that a specific protein can reduce the production of cancerous kidney cells and thus will be responsible for higher life expectancy and survival rate of the suffering kidney cancer patient.

Looking at the current figures from the Cancer Registry and Information Service, more than 10,000 people were detected in the United States of America who had kidney cancer in the year 2010 out of which almost 4000 people lost their lives in the same year.

There is a protein called TNF which helps in killing the cells which cause tumor in the body and turn malignant after some time when no correct medication or treatment is provided to them. Kidney cancer is more commonly seen in men as compared to women and is on a roar in all the major parts of the world.

In many cases, the treatment of kidney cancer which was done by radio therapy or chemotherapy was found resistant in patients. These treatments do not work very well when the cancer has spread on a large scale.

This kidney cancer breakthrough and research has offered the patients to use a similar alternate approach to gain a better survival rate and to live a healthy life till the time they can. These medications and treatments which are offered to the patients may be expensive but do allow them to live a good life with their loved ones for a little longer duration.

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