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There are many kidney cancer causes or risk factors which give rise to this chronic disease. This is a cancer which affects one or both the kidneys and can create other major problems for the individual. This is a very common cancer in any part of the world and arises in both the genders equally. This cancer should be treated as soon as it is detected, or else this cancer will have major side-effects at a later stage. The kidneys main function is to remove the waste from the body and also to control the production of the red blood cells and in regulation of the blood pressure in the body.

The most common reasons or kidney cancer causes are:-

The cancer should be treated as soon as any abnormality is seen in the body. It is very difficult to control after reaching a certain stage. This is a cancer which will spread to other organs and not very slowly. This is a cancer of a very important organ in the body and one should be very careful.

  1. Age: - This is an uncontrollable factor. This cancer can strike anyone above the age of 55 years.

  2. Obesity: - The fatter the person the more risk he has in developing this cancer. The person who is obese will have more excretion of hormones in the body which will have a higher risk of this cancer.

  3. Smoking: - Smoking causes a lot of issues in the body of an individual, lot of cancers, and also kidney cancer. A smoker is two times more at risk rather than a non-smoker. This cancer can also arise if one is smoking a lot of cigars or is a chain smoker.

  4. Hypertension: - Hyper tension in normal words means high blood pressure. Experts say that, almost 55% of kidney cancer is caused because of hypertension, smoking and obesity.

  5. Chemicals: - Many a times, workers are exposed to many chemicals such as asbestos, cadmium and trichloroethylene and thus are more eligible to develop this kind of carcinoma. These chemicals are widely used in areas of construction, manufacturing units of batteries and scrap industries. Most of these industries are male dominating industries and thus it is said that this cancer is more prominent in males rather than females.

  6. Hereditary papillary renal cell carcinoma: - This is a development in the body which happens because of multiple papillary tumors in both the kidneys. It is in the shape of a mushroom and the stem of it is stuck to the lining of the kidneys.

  7. Von Hippel-Lindau disease: - This is a genetic disorder. This is a disorder which can develop various kinds of tumors, and also the tumor of the kidney. It runs in the families and if ones family has a past with the disorder, then one should take precautions since the beginning.

  8. Kidney transplant recipients: - This issue will arise only when the patient has had a kidney transplant. The patients have to consume immunosuppressant medicines and thus are at a very high risk of developing this carcinoma.

  9. People on long-term dialysis: - Dialysis is a phrase which is used for the people who are undergoing a treatment because their kidneys do not function well. This is also one of the main reasons of developing tumor in the kidney.

  10. Hereditary: - This is also one of the major kidney cancer causes. Hereditary means that someone in the family has had this cancer and has been passed on to you. A regular health check-up is essential for the people who have this in the family.

Kidney cancer causes should always be kept in mind as it can occur in any form or time. This is a cancer which can prove to be life threatening too if it is diagnosed at a late stage. This is the 8th most common cancer in the United States of America and 10th in United Kingdom. This is a cancer which affects a very important organ in the body and is essential for one to let this cancer not affect the body. If this cancer is not detected at an early stage it may spread to other vital organs as well.

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