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Kidney cancer detection should happen at an early stage so that the treatment can be given on time and the prognosis of this cancer is good. This is a cancer which develops in the tissues of the kidneys, and like any other organ of the body, this too can develop serious cancer at times.

Kidney cancer is completely curable if it is detected in an early stage, but can turn out to be fatal if the symptoms of kidney cancer are ignored for a very long duration. The most common type of cancer under kidney cancer in adults is called as renal cell carcinoma. This is important to be detected at an stages because it starts developing in the lining of the tube of the kidneys. As far as the children are concerned, the kidney cancer which is developed in them is called as Wilms Tumor.

In the initial stages, the kidney cancer detection is very rare by own means because a lot of the symptom of this cancer occur at a later stage. The most common and the earliest symptom is blood in the urine when the tumor has developed in the body. The other physical changes that one can see after a while are a sudden loss of weight or immense amount of back pain.

When the metastasis of kidney cancer occurs, the cells not only go to the nearby organs but also reach to the distant organs of the body such as lungs. If the cancer is detected and cured when it is present in the early stages, then the overall improvement in the body will be good and also the rate of kidney cancer recurrence will be lower.

Kidney cancer detection in the stages when the cells develop in the form of a tumor is very important because that is the time when treatment can be provided and the cancer can be removed completely. This is a cancer that develops in adults after the age of 55 years; the type of kidney cancer treatment will also depend upon the age of the patient. Many a times, it is not possible to perform a surgery on the patients due to health constraints.

Most of the kidney cancers in the world are detected in the following nations:-

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Northern Europe
  • Australia and
  • New Zealand

3% of all the adult cancers in the United States are kidney cancers. According to the American Cancer Association Society, there are about 35000 new detection cases every year, and almost 13000 people die due to kidney cancer every year. This is a cancer which affects men two times more than women.

As far as Wilms tumor is concerned, this is seen at a rate of about 7% in children and is the most common cancer amongst all types in children.

The kidney cancer detection can be made easier by knowing the following signs of kidney cancer:-

  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Long-term dialysis
  • Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) syndrome

A few people can develop this type of cancer because of the occupation they are in. Some occupations demand that they deal with a lot of chemicals.

The risk of this cancer can be decreased after a consultation with the doctor.

The most common causes of this cancer are:-

  • Hereditary
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Extensive Exercise
  • Reduced intake of fluids
  • Renal tubule defects
  • Diseases of small intestine
  • Diabetes
  • Bowel disease

Kidney cancer detection is easy if the person has the knowledge about how the cancer evolves and what are the reasons of its development. If this cancer runs in the family, one should be even more precautious so that the even if any sign shows, one can control them from the beginning.

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