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Kidney cancer symptoms and early signs start in the early stage of developing this cancer. But in some cases it is also seen that this cancer has no signs or symptoms initially. This is a cancer which affects one or both the kidneys in the human body. Kidneys form a part of the urinary tract. The kidney cancer begins in the cells which form a tissue. There are many cancers which are present in the kidneys and the most common type of cancer is the renal cell cancer. This cancer is very common in adults. This cancer is also called as renal cancer. This is a malignancy which is found in the kidneys and then they grow out larger because of the malignancy present in them. The cells form into tumor. The first places where these cancers appear in the kidney are the lining tubes which are present outside the kidney. This is called as renal cell carcinoma. It has very high prognosis of kidney cancer as they are found in the early stage of it and before they metastasize. But this is not in all of the cases; they can grow on to become large cancers and also life threatening if they do not show any early sign.

The symptoms and early signs may differ as per the type of the kidney cancer; the types of kidney cancer are as follows:

  • Squamous cell carcinoma
  • Angiomyolipoma
  • Juxtaglomerular cell tumor (reninoma)
  • Renal oncocytoma
  • Clear-cell sarcoma of the kidney
  • Mesoblastic nephroma
  • Bellini duct carcinoma
  • Mixed epithelial stromal tumor
  • Wilms' tumor (usually diagnosed in children under 5)

Following are the Kidney cancer early signs and symptoms:-

  1. Blood in the urine: This is the first basic symptom that appears when this cancer takes place. This is considered as the earliest sign of kidney cancer. The urine initially is rusty in color and turn deep red as the time passes and no precautions are taken.

  2. Loss of appetite: The eating requirements of the individual lessen. The appetite is lost and thus there is a drastic loss of weight as well.

  3. Formation of lump in the sides of the abdomen: There is an abnormal growth which is observed in the sides of the abdomen in most of the cases. This is a lump which can be felt with the touch of a hand.
  4. Anemia: As blood is passed in the urine, there is a lot of red blood cell loss and so anemia occurs, as it is a deficiency of red blood cells in the body of an individual.

  5. Pain: There is a lot of pain which is felt in the side where the lump is formed. Pain stays for a very long time and sometimes it gets hard to resist

  6. Fever: High fever is also an early sign and symptom of this illness. The fever lasts for almost two weeks. This fever is not caused because of any cold or any sort of infection, which makes it a reason to worry.

  7. Swelling: Swelling is observed in the legs and the ankle which has developed this cancer. A lot of itching also follows in the swollen portion of the body

  8. Hypertension: A person who has developed kidney cancer will have high blood pressure issue and will be a patient of hypertension as well.

  9. Fatigue: High amount of fatigue will be present in this cancer. One will lose the amount of energy he/she has in a very short duration and will not be able to do anything, but will have to rest at regular intervals.

Many a times, it is observed that kidney cancer early signs and symptoms are not a cause of a malignancy in the kidneys. They can also be a cause of some infection or cyst in the kidney. It is not always true that if one has any or all of the above mentioned symptoms he is prone to kidney cancer. The reason for this can be some other disease too. It is advisable that one should not neglect these symptoms and should see a doctor without any delay. Many a times, these symptoms also arise when there is stone in the kidney or the bladder of the person. This certainly does not mean that there is a tumor in the body.

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