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Kidney cancer prevention is very important for any individual who has crossed the mark of 55 years. This cancer in adults is called as renal cell carcinoma and this form of cancer is the most common form in the United States of America. Many a times, this cancer does not show the early signs of kidney cancer being present in the body, but it is always advisable to keep a check on any of the changes that occur in the body. This cancer has a lot of complications if it reaches a later stage and then detected. It can also get life threatening if it is not treated well. The annual death rate of this cancer in America is almost 5% of all the cancer suffering patients.

Kidney cancer Prevention: One should know the risk factors of this cancer: -

  • Smoking
  • Having an occupation which involves dealing with chemicals such as asbestos and cadmium
  • Obesity
  • Long - term dialysis
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure
  • Having hereditary papillary renal cell carcinoma
  • Having a hereditary disease called as Hippel-Lindau Syndrome

The symptoms that one should always keep in mind for self detection of this cancer are:-

  • Red or rusty color of the urine. Most of the blood is passed along with the urine
  • If any sort of lump or hardness is seen in the sides of the abdomen. A lump kind of formation is felt on touching the abdomen
  • Extensive weight loss without putting any sort of an extra effort
  • If any pain is observed in the side where the lump is formed
  • If an unexpected loss of appetite is observed

How should one be careful of gaining this cancer:-

Kidney cancer preventive measures:-

It is an estimated by the American Cancer Society that almost 70 to 75% of cancers can be saved by following a healthy lifestyle and exercising on a regular basis to shed those extra kilos of the body.

  • A diet which has a lot of fruits and vegetables to get all the important nutrients on a daily basis
  • Being fit is very important. one should avoid eating a lot of junk food or consume soda, as this will make them over-weight at a fast pace and will cause a lot of health issues
  • If alcohol consumption is necessary, one should drink it in a limit. Never make this an habit
  • One should eat the food stuff which is low in calories or fat and also must avoid the consumption of excessive salt
  • Do not smoke or consume tobacco in any form

The treatment of kidney cancer will solely depend on the stage at which your cancer has reached as well as the major factors such as your age and overall health. There are several treatment options such as surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or biologic therapy. These treatments have their own side-effects after the cancer is removed and the recovery period in some cases can also be very long.

Although kidney cancer prevention can be done by keeping a note of the risk factors and also avoiding them, but it is also vital to be prepared for the worst. It is not always true that kidney cancer is caused only because of the above mentioned risk factors; it can happen because of many several reasons. It will often depend from one person to another, and one should just be on their toes if any of the early signs or symptoms is seen in the body. Go and visit a doctor soon, so that proper and effective timely treatment is provided to you.

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