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Kidney cancer recurrence rate is not very high. This is a cancer which occurs when the cell of the kidney starts to grow in an uncontrollable manner in the body and it gets difficult to fight it with the help of self immunity. One should have the knowledge of how the body works, the risk causing factors of the kidney and the way the treatment is done. The safest amongst all the treatment is surgery, but it is still not proved that the cancer will not return if the treatment is done via surgery.

Frequency and mechanisms of kidney cancer recurrence: -

  • Localized recurrence is rare. This happens not more than 4 % in the patients who have been treated for kidney cancer
  • The case is the same if the cancer has spread to the nearby lymph nodes or the nodes which are closer to the kidneys
  • In case of the cancer which has spread to other organs, i.e. it has been metastasized the rate of recurrence is almost 35 %
  • If the cancer has been removed via surgery, but in a stage where metastasis has already occurred, then the cancer will re-occur at a rate of about 25 %

Why does this cancer re-occur?

  • This will re-occur if the cancer surgery for kidney was done at a stage where that cancer had spread in various other organs before the treatment took place.
  • If the cancer was in the stage where the local organ i.e. the kidney was completely damaged. Then this cancer will re occur.
  • If the size of the tumor is very large and was detected at a late stage, the cancer has high chances that it will reoccur.
  • If the size of the tumor is high at a mid level stage and thus has developed in other parts of the body, the cancer will reoccur because of the spread of the cancer.
  • The most chances of re-occurrence are:
    1. When the cancer has had a regional lymph node metastasis.
    2. The size of the tumor is larger than what it should be in a particular stage.
    3. The cancer is detected at a late stage where even surgery will not give a confirmation about the cancer being totally out of the body.
  • One should take care of kidney cancer as soon as it is detected. It is essential for the body to be healthy enough so that they can function well again.

When will kidney cancer recurrence happen?

  • Local recurrence will occur mostly in the first four years of the treatment.
  • If the cancer has been treated for distant metastasis the rate of return will be high the recurrence will happen in five years of treatment again.
  • The patients who have had the cancer affecting just the nodes will be treated for the cancer again within three years.
  • The rate of recurrence for the patients who have survived for ten or more years is 10%. The cancer will re occur at some point in time after those ten years.

Kidney cancer recurrence will occur when the cancer has been detected at a late stage or the proper treatment has not been given. In most of the cases, the treatment of kidney cancer is done via surgery but it depends on many factors (age or overall health) if it can be performed on the patient. This cancer will also re occur if proper after treatment care is not taken by the patients.

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