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Kidney cancer stages will determine the best treatment for curing this cancer. This is a cancer which affects both or just one kidney and can be life threatening if it is determined at a later stage. The size of the tumor will determine the stage of the cancer. The stage of the cancer will also determine the spread of the cancer in other parts of the body. This is also called as TNM stages, where T stands for tumor, N stands for Nodes and M stands for Metastasis.

This is a cancer which can affect other parts of the body as well if it is not detected on time and is not removed from the body. This is a cancer which can have the following complications: -

  • High blood pressure (hypertension)
  • Liver problems
  • High red blood cell count
  • Spread of the cancer
  • High level of calcium present in the blood

The higher the stage more will be the chances of the complications hitting the body.

The stages of kidney cancer can be determined as follows: -

  • Stage 1: -
    • This is the first stage of kidney cancer.
    • The size of the tumor in this stage is close to 8 or 10 centimeters more or less like a tennis ball
    • This is the stage where the cancer is only in the kidney
    • The cancer can be in one or both the kidneys, but the cancerous cells are just in the kidney

  • Stage 2: -
    • This is a stage which is very much like the stage 1 of kidney cancer
    • The size of the tumor is not beyond 10 centimeters but is at a minimum of 8 centimeters somewhere close to 3 inches
    • This is the cancer which has not spread beyond the kidneys

  • Stage 3: -
    Stage three can have any of the following development in the body:
    • The tumor does not spread beyond the kidneys of the individuals
    • The cancerous cells may have spread beyond the kidney
    • The cells have reached the lymphatic system of the near by lymph node


    • The tumor has reached the adrenal glands
    • The tumor may have also reached the fat layers as well as the fibrous tissues which surround the kidney, but the cells of the cancer have not gone beyond this tissue
    • This stage will also see some of the cancerous cells in the lymph node or nodes which surround the kidney


    • The cancer cells have spread beyond the kidney
    • They may have hit a large blood vessel very close to the kidney
    • The cancerous cells are definitely found in the close by lymph nodes which are present near the kidney

  • Stage 4: -
    • This is the last stage of kidney cancer
    • In this stage, the tumor has extended beyond the fibrous tissue which is very close to the kidney
    • The cancerous cells are found in many lymph nodes which surround the kidneys
    • This is the stage where metastasis of cancer can also happen. The first organ which is affected by this are the lungs

  • Recurrence stage:
    • This is the stage which can get the cancer back into the body after the treatment
    • Cancer is an illness which can come back if the proper treatment is not provided
    • In this stage, the cancer can again be found in the kidney or some other organ of the body.

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