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Kidney cancer statistics and life expectancy go hand in hand. The American Cancer society has estimated that 39000 women and men will be diagnosed with this cancer in the year 2011. Out of which the estimate is that 13000 individuals will die because of this disease in this year. Kidney cancer is more commonly called as renal cell carcinoma which is the most common type of cancer in adults.

Statistics according to the age at which the diagnosis takes place and life expectancy after that: -

These are the statistics during the year 2008-2010. After the research that took place the average age of this cancer is almost 62 years and the percentage division of this disease is as follows: -

  1. Under the age of 19 years the percentage of this cancer is hardly 1.5%
  2. In the age group of 20 to 35 years, the percentage of kidney cancer diagnosis is not more than 1.2 %
  3. Between the age group of 36 to 45 years, this cancer strikes the population at the rate of 6 %
  4. During the age of 46 years and 55 years, the rate increases to 16%
  5. When the person is in the age group of 56 and 66 years it increased to 22 %
  6. It the maximum when the age is between 67 to 78 years; the rate of diagnosis is about 26%
  7. The diagnosis of people who are above 80 years is hardly 4 %

Kidney cancer statistics and life expectancy & the rate of mortality: -

  1. 0.5 was the percent of people who died under age 19
  2. 0.5 was the percentage rate who died between 20 and 35
  3. The rate increased to 3 percent in the age group which was between 36 and 45
  4. 11 percent was the death rate in between the age group of 46 and 55
  5. The mortality rate was 20 percent between the age of 56 and 66
  6. The death rate increased to 27 percent in the age group of 67 and 74
  7. This was the highest percentage of deaths which were caused i.e. 28 percent in between the ages of 75 and 85
  8. The death rate of the people who are above 86 years is almost 11 percent

The kidney cancer statistics and life expectancy of men and women in United States of America according to race: -

Race Women Men
All Races 3 % of 1,00,000 women 6 % of 1,00,000 men
The people of the caste which belongs to African American 2 % of 1,00,000 women 6 % of 1,00,000 men
Natives of Alaska or American Indian 4 % of 1,00,000 women 7 % of 1,00,000 men
Natives of Asian Islander or Pacific 1 % of 1,00,000 women 3 % of 1,00,000 men
Caucasian Race 3 % of 1,00,000 women 6 % of 1,00,000 men
People belonging to Hispanic culture 2% of 1,00,000 women 5 % 1,00,000 men

Statistics on the Prevalence of Kidney Cancer

A research of kidney cancer was carried out on January 1, 2010, in the United States where approximately 5, 00,000 men and women who were alive and have or had a history of kidney cancer were present. This is a number which includes any person alive on January 1, 2010, and who has been detected with kidney cancer at any point of time which is before January 1, 2010, were the people who either had this illness or have been cured of it at an earlier stage and are in the recovery process.

Kidney cancer statistics and life expectancy can be increased if the detection of cancer is done at an early stage. This is the cancer which can get life threatening as the multiplication of cell is very high in this type of renal disorder. It is always advised to keep a check on the signs and symptoms of kidney cancer so that one can live a healthy and a longer life.

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