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Kidney cancer surgery is the first option that any doctor will suggest for treating this cancer. This is a process which is followed by most of the doctors and is recommended to most of the patients if the age and health permits. If the cancer is diagnosed, the best way to treat the cancer is complete removal of it. The surgery when done in stage 1 or in stage 2 is enough for treating the cancer alone. But when the cancer is diagnosed in stage 3 or in stage 4, the primary treatment is surgery but there is a secondary treatment also provided to the patients in most of the cases.

There are many types of kidney cancer surgery options which can be provided to the patients.

They are as follows:-

  1. Radical Nephrectomy: -
    • This is the most common type of surgery which is performed on the adult cancer patients
    • In this type of treatment, the whole tissue which contains cancer is removed. This is a tissue which surrounds the whole kidney
    • The tissue is found surrounding the kidneys and the lymph nodes
    • Many a times, it is also seen that the lymph nodes are also removed when this surgery takes place
    • The nodes are then checked under a microscope, so that they can be detected if any element of carcinoma is present in it
    • If there is any amount of cancer observed in the nodes, then the treatment changes the stage of kidney cancer will also differ

  2. Partial Nephrectomy:-
    • This is a surgery which is suggested by the doctor to save as much tissue as possible
    • Only a part of the kidney which contains the cancer is removed along with a little part of the normal kidney
    • This is the initial type of treatment which is given to the patients but it is successful only in the early stages of the cancer
    • This type of treatment has seen a high rate of recurrence as well
    • One should always know the long-term results of this type of kidney cancer surgery
    • This type of cancer is used for the following patients: -
    1. Has only one kidney
    2. Has a small kidney tumor
    3. Has both kidneys affected by cancer

  3. Laparoscopic Nephrectomy: -
    • This is a new development in the medical world to treat kidney cancer
    • This is a surgery which is performed so that less pain and faster recovery of the patient is possible
    • When this surgery takes place not a lot of large surgical cuts are observed on the body
    • In this surgery, the surgeon makes small hole in the abdomen and a small thing tube is inserted which has a camera attached to it so that live pictures can be seen
    • This surgery has less stay in the hospital as well as less amount of pain involved and the time to recover is also very short
    • This surgery is performed on the patients who have very small tumor development and just at one place of the tissue

Risks involved during or after kidney cancer surgery: -

  • The most important risk which is involved while undergoing a surgery is bleeding
  • To control this generally blood transfusion is needed so that adequate blood is present in the body for recovery
  • Many a times, wound infection also takes place and there also can be internal damage to the organs and the blood vessels present in the body or which surround the kidneys
  • There can also be unwanted air filled in the cavity of the chest
  • There can also be a development of incision hernia, as there can be a bulge in the region of surgery
With kidney cancer surgery comes a lot of risks which the patients who undergo this treatment should know. Surgery plays a very big role in treating this cancer and if the cancer is detected in the early stages it is always removed completely from the body and the rate of recurrences of kidney cancer is also very low.

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