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Kidney cancer survival rate and prognosis was considered to be very low. This is a cancer which has a very low rate of survival even if timely treatment is provided to the patient. This is a cancer which deals with the damage caused to the organ which plays a very important role in smooth functioning of the body. Kidney is a small organ in the body and the complete cure of it is discovered recently. This is an organ which needs to be treated in the early stage or else it will spread to other place very fast. It is rare to diagnose this cancer at an early stage because; Kidney cancer has rare early signs or symptoms.

Because of latest technology, the rate of the survival from kidney cancer has become higher but not as high as all the other cancers. This is because of the development of clinical trials and the blood tests which can diagnose kidney cancer at an early stage. The survival rate and prognosis of kidney cancer will depend upon the stage at which it is detected. The overall survival rate of kidney cancer in the United States of America is just close to 65%.

The break down of the rate is as follows: -

  • 64.9 % is the rate for Caucasian men
  • 64.4 % is the rate for Caucasian females
  • 61.9 % is the breakdown rate for African American men
  • 66 % is the rate for African American women.

The stage of kidney cancer plays a role in kidney cancer survival rates: - (overall)

  • 55 % of kidney cancer cases get diagnosed when the cancer is just in the beginning stage
  • 22 % of kidney cancer cases are detected after the kidney cancer has spread to the near by lymph nodes or to a completely different organ close to the kidney
  • 22 % of kidney cancer cases are spotted only after the cancer has spread to various other organs of the body, generally distant organs
  • 4% of kidney cancer was spotted in the last stage of kidney cancer The five year survival rate and prognosis of this cancer according to the stage is: -
  • If the cancer is diagnosed in stage 1 then the survival rate is almost 80 %
  • In stage 2 the rate of survival is 75 %
  • In stage 3 the survival rate is almost 50 %
  • In stage 4 the rate of survival is the lowest and below 10% ; some where close to 8%

The corresponding five-year relative kidney cancer survival rates and prognosis were:

  • 91 % is the five year survival rate for localized
  • 60 % is the rate for regional kidney cancer
  • 9.7 % is the survival rate and prognosis when the cancer has spread at distant organs
  • 32 % is the rate for upstaged cancer

When doctors consider a person's prognosis, they carefully consider all of the factors that could affect that person's health and disease and the side effects of the treatment. This will also make the patient prepare for what may happen to him if anything goes wrong. The information of kidney cancer survival rates and prognosis is always based on the facts and figures which are prepared by many doctors and researchers and they come up with the conclusions keeping the cancer patients in due consideration. This piece of information is generally used over the people who have had similar case that has occurred in the past and the treatment, symptoms and the recovery pattern match.

The survival rate and the prognosis of the kidney will be good if the patient has responded well to treatment. This will also largely depend upon when was the cancer diagnosed and how was it treated. However, one must always know that all these are just predictions or assumption that one has made and can or will differ from one person to another.

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