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Kidney cancer therapy will differ as per the level of the carcinoma before the treatment begins. Kidneys are bean-shaped organs in the body which control the volume of liquids in the body. They also remove the metabolic wastes from the body. Kidneys are the organs which are responsible for the formation of urine, red blood count, blood pressure as well as metabolism of calcium present in the body.

Kidney cancer therapy: -

There are many therapies to treat this type of cancer. There are basically 4 types of therapies which can be used to treat kidney cancer. They are as follows:-

  1. Radiation therapy: -
    • This therapy is commonly called as radio active therapy and comes under the local cancer therapy.
    • This therapy uses high energy rays, which are meant to kill the cancerous cells present in the body
    • In this therapy, a large machine is used, which gives out high energy rays and is targeted at the area of infection.
    • This therapy does not have long sessions. One can get cured or the treatment will show its effectiveness in seven days
    • Many a times, this therapy is given before the surgery, so that the size of the tumor is reduced and the surgery can get easier
    • In a few cases, this treatment can be given after the surgery also if any cells are still present in some area of the kidney

  2. Arterial Embolization: -
    • This is a local therapy given to the patients suffering from kidney cancer and is used for shrinking the size of the tumor
    • This kidney cancer therapy is given to the patients who have a large size of the tumor. The larger the tumor, more are the chances of a complicated surgery/operation.
    • A kidney cancer operation takes place when the overall health and the age permit the doctor to perform it on the patient. if surgery is not possible, then this is the therapy which is used for the treatment.
    • This therapy uses an equipment called as catheter, which is a narrow pipe and is inserted in the blood vessel present in the leg.
    • This tube is then connected to the main renal artery which is a blood vessel and it supplies blood to the kidney.
    • The main reason of performing this therapy on the cancer patient is to destroy or shrink the cancer in size. This can be done by blocking the supply of blood to the kidney, so that the tumor does not get oxygen and can shrink in size.

  3. Biological Therapy: -
    • This is a therapy which comes under the category of systematic therapy for kidney cancer
    • Very similar to chemotherapy a substance is used for treatment which travels via the blood and reaches the infected area
    • In this therapy, the immunity system plays the role to fight back the cancer
    • Interferon alpha or interleukin-2 are the therapies used to curb the metastasis of this cancer
    • These substances are produced in very small quantities to fight against small infections.
    • For treating cancer, these substances are tested in the laboratories and are made in larger quantities

  4. Chemotherapy: -
    • This type of kidney cancer therapy comes under the category of systematic type of therapy
    • Drugs are used to treat this cancer, so that the cells can diminish from the body
    • This therapy can be of two types: -
      • Intravenous: - The drug is passed into the body via veins
      • Intra-muscular: - The drug is inserted into the body via muscles
    • These drugs reach the cancer site via bloodstream.
    • This is the last type of therapy any doctor would suggest because though this surgery is very successful in treating most of the other cancers, it is not very successful for kidney cancer treatment and cure.
    • This surgery is given by combining many other treatments.
Kidney caner therapy is used to treat the cancer and the therapies can be combined with surgery for effective eradication of the cancer. They have their own specifications and requirements to be performed on the patient. These therapies are used so that cancer can shrink or disappear.

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