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The patients who are suffering from renal cancer have a wide array of kidney cancer treatment and cure options available. The treatment of this cancer can be done at any stage and it will be beneficial in most of the cases. There are treatments available to control the symptoms, multiplication of cells and pain during this cancer. There are treatments available to cure the emotional setback that one has to face after the treatment is complete. Such treatments are called as palliative care of kidney cancer, supportive care or symptom management.

Kidney Cancer Treatment and Cure methods are as follows: -

  1. Surgery: -

    • This is the first suggestion made by the oncologist. Thus, this is the most common treatment for any cancer and also for kidney cancer
    • This treatment comes under the category of local therapy
    • This kidney cancer cure aims to remove the cancer from the kidney and in the areas around it
    • The term which is used to remove the cancer struck kidney from the body is called as nephrectomy
    • This treatment will given by analyzing the stage of kidney cancer

      • Radical nephrectomy: - In this treatment, the surgeon removes the full kidney and adrenal gland. Some healthy tissue is also removed which surrounds this organ. If the cancer has spread onto the lymph nodes even they are removed.
      • Simple nephrectomy: - In this treatment only the kidney is removed. This treatment is mostly done in Stage 1 of this cancer
      • Partial nephrectomy: - In this treatment, the part which has the tumor inside the kidney is removed. This is a treatment which is given to the people who have only one kidney or both the kidneys are affected but only a small part of tumor is removed

  2. Radiation therapy: -

    • This is a local therapy and also known as radioactive therapy
    • In this therapy, high energy rays are used so that the cancerous cells in the targeted area are killed
    • There is a large machine which emits these rays and tries to kill the cells
    • The patient needs to stay in the hospital for minimum of 5 days and maximum of 7 days to complete this treatment
    • This therapy of kidney cancer can also be given before the surgery to reduce the size of the cancer if its too big to cure
    • In a few cases, this treatment can be given after the surgery also if any cells are still present in some area of the kidney

  3. Arterial Embolization: -

    • This is a therapy which shrinks the tumor and is a local therapy given to the patients
    • This is a treatment which can be done before the big surgery to make the operation easier
    • If in any case the surgery of kidney cancer is not possible, this cancer treatment and cure method is used
    • In this treatment, the doctor inserts a catheter, which is a narrow pipe in the blood vessel which is present in the leg
    • This tube is then connected to the main renal artery which is a blood vessel and it supplies blood to the kidney
    • An object is injected to stop the flow of blood into this kidney and thus this blockage prevents the tumor to get the supply of oxygen and thereby the growth of the tumor is stopped

  4. Chemotherapy: -

    • This is also a systematic therapy
    • In this therapy, anti-cancer drugs are used to fight against cancer
    • This therapy can be of two types: -
      • Intravenous
      • Intra-muscular

    • These drugs are also passed into the body via the bloodstream
    • This is the last type of therapy any doctor would suggest because though this surgery is very successful in treating most of the other cancers, it is not very successful for kidney cancer treatment and cure
    • This surgery is given in combination with other treatments

  5. Biological Therapy: -

    • This therapy comes under the category of systematic therapy
    • In this therapy, a substance is used which travels via the blood and reaches the infected area
    • In this therapy, the immunity system plays the role to fight back the cancer
    • For the patients who have kidney cancer due to metastasis, the doctor will suggest them interferon alpha or interleukin-2
    • These are substances which the body produces in very small quantities to fight against small infections which the body develops
    • For treating cancer, these substances are tested in the laboratories and are made in larger quantities
Kidney cancer treatment and cure options are several in the medical world and in most of the cases, they are always successful. As this is a common cancer and it does show a lot of early signs it is very easy to detect in the early stages and thus any of the treatment measure can help the patient fight this cancer.

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