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Lip cancer awareness is very important for every person who is predisposed to the cancer. This is not a very common cancer, but it can be cured easily if it is diagnosed in an early stage. This cancer spreads at a fast pace affecting the inner side of the lips first and then the other parts surrounding the lips. If this cancer is not treated on time, it will affect the neck and then the head. The awareness about this ailment will help in early diagnosis of lip cancer and a better treatment.

For gaining proper lip cancer awareness one should know the following

  1. Symptoms of lip cancer: Most of the lip cancers at an early stage do not have any signs or symptoms. This cancer develops the following symptoms at a later stage;

    • Sore on the lower lip
    • Bleeding of the lips
    • Discoloration of the lips
    • Lump development on the inner side of the lips
    • Pain in the lips
    • Swelling on the upper lip

  2. Causes or risk factors of lip cancer

    • Smoking is the main cause of lip cancer
    • Chewing tobacco several times in a day is a very common cause of this cancer
    • Extensive exposure to sun, causes burning in the lips, which later develops in to a cancer
    • The infection of HPV is also a cause to this cancer
    • Poor oral hygiene causes lip cancer
    • Deficiencies in the diet and consumption of excessive alcohol is also a cause to this cancer

  3. Diagnosis of cancer

    • The first step to diagnose this cancer is by doing a physical examination of the patient
    • Endoscopy is performed on the patient for getting to know where the cancer has spread
    • X-rays of the mouth, lips are done so that the exact condition can be detected
    • Biopsy can be done so that the cells which are present in the infected area can be removed easily
    • MRI scan is done so that images from different angles can be removed to check for the spread of the cancer
    • Swallowing of barium is another method which can diagnose the lip cancer. Barium is a silver liquid which exfoliates the area which is hit by cancer

  • Treatment of this cancer

    Lip Cancer Awareness The treatment of cancer will largely depend upon the type and spread of cancer which is found in the individual. The treatment of cancer will depend upon the stage of the lip cancer and the age of the patient and also on what kind of treatment will suit him/her. The rate of cancer treatment is the highest when it is diagnosed in an early stage and the treatment starts soon. If the cancer is not treated or removed when diagnosed, it will spread in all the other parts of the mouth or face and then the treatment of this cancer is rare. It firstly affects the neck and then the head. This cancer also many a times spreads in the lymph nodes and the blood. The professionals who work on this type of treatments are: medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, dentists, and registered nurses specializing in lip cancer care.

    The types of treatment are


    Surgery is performed to remove the tumor completely from the lips. Most of the times to be safe, some amount of healthy tissue are also removed from the sides of the infected area. Many a times the cancerous growth reaches the lymph nodes or the tissues of the neck, so the surgeon also removes a part of that. This helps in reducing the risk of the cancer to return.

    Radiation therapy

    Radiation therapy is used on a targeted patch only. This therapy involves high energy rays to pass into the body so that the cells are killed. This therapy is done in sessions on a daily basis. It is a quick way of reducing the multiplication of the cells.


    Chemotherapy is the treatment which can be done in two ways. This is a treatment in which intensive drugs are given to the patient via veins or muscles. The patient is injected and the drug spreads all over the body. This reduces the cancerous cell count extensively. This is a cancer which has major side effects, the most common being of hair fall.

    The oral cancer awareness will largely depend on the above mentioned factors. The treatment will be very different for the people who have reached a very high stage of cancer. Only surgery focuses on removal of cancer, whereas the therapies play the role of curing the cancers. The treatment needs to be done keeping the patient in mind and his comfort in mind.

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