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Lip cancer breakthrough and research have helped the patients recover from this cancer even after the treatment has happened in the last stages of cancer. This is a cancer which has complications if it is not diagnosed on time and left untreated for a long duration. This cancer comes under the category of oral cancer and develops in the oral cavity at a fast pace. This cancer can get life threatening, as it does not have a lot of early signs and symptoms. There have been many major developments after several researches are done for treating lip cancer in the most effective way. The most recent and effective treatment is LUHTET Technology, which helps in removing this cancer at a fast pace and in developing a good immune system.

What is the purpose for this lip cancer breakthrough and research?

This is a device which is used in the form of physiotherapeutic treatment of the cancerous growth in the lips or the oral cavity. This device is used to treat the infections of the lips which are the major cause of lip cancer or tumor development. This is a device which can be used on animals as well to treat the lip cancer which affects them too.

How effective is this new development?

This is a device which will use UHF and DC generators to get charged and perform the following functions: -

  • It will generate a specific type and level of heat which will heal the cancerous cells. The heat will be at a temperature of 42 to 46 degrees.
  • Where the infections have originated these Athermal and oligo-thermal influence of UHF is exposed on the lips.
  • The DC current is passed on to the site where the tumor is present so that it can be treated with the help of drugs and cytostatics.
  • This treatment can also be used with combinations of electrophoresis.

What are the key features of this treatment?

  • There is almost a 55% reduction in the intensity which is involved in the treatment which is given by radiation.
  • Citostatics dosage is reduced to 10 or 12.
  • The time which is involved to stay in the hospital is reduced because this is a quick treatment.
  • If the lip cancer has re-occurred within 5 years of treatment, this treatment has helped almost 25 % of people to get it cured again in one go.

Advantages which can be considered of this lip cancer breakthrough and research:

  • Research on Lip CancerThis treatment is given with a combination of hyperthermia which will totally depend upon the spread and amount of cells which are present in the lips. This is a treatment which is given to the people who have reached a later stage and quick destruction of cells is needed.
  • The time which is needed to cure of lip cancer in the hospital is shortened as this is a quick way of treating lip cancer
  • The main site of tumor or if the tumor has re-occurred in the same place after a certain treatment, this treatment is very helpful in effectively treating this cancer.
  • Generally there are no side-effects which are caused with this treatment. The dosage of other treatments is reduced to almost 7 to 11 times
  • This is a method which can be used on any kind of patients and of any age. It is not very harsh but is very effective at the time of the treatment

Lip cancer breakthrough and research is very important to learn and implement new techniques in treating this cancer. Though this cancer is not very dangerous even if it has reached stage 3, but many times this cancer hits other various organs of the body, and thus becomes dangerous to control. It is then when such type of a technology is needed, which is very effective and does not take a lot of time to treat the affected areas.

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