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Lip cancer is a part of oral cancer. Lip cancer care must be taken since the beginning to this ailment completely. This cancer particularly affects the tissues of the lips and its lining. This cancer can also arise because of metastasis. There are many new ways of detecting this cancer. Lip cancer treatment must start as soon as this cancer is diagnosed. The surgery method of treatment is the most widely used method and is successful in most of the cases.

Lip cancer is a malignant cancer that occurs in the mouth, this cancer can occur because of the growth of cancer cells in the lips that are not controlled. Most of lip cancer cases are due to squamous cell carcinoma.

Flowing can be the aspects that one should keep in mind for taking lip cancer care

  1. Symptoms of lip cancer:
    • Bleeding from the lips: This is a very common and amongst the early signs of cancer
    • Patches on the lips: This is a symptom which is also a very common symptom of lip cancer. The patient observes white patches on the lips where the cancer has affected the person
    • Pain in the mouth: The pain starts in the lips and ends up taking the whole mouth into consideration. This is a pain which takes a long time to heal and many a times sharp pain is also observed
    • Swollen lips: The nodes of the lips tend to swell up and they become protruding in nature. The swelling of the lips stays for a long duration
    • Lumpy lips: There are several lumps or just one big lump in the walls or the lining of the lips. This is a very big discomfort for the individual and causes a lot of problem as this will affect chewing, swallowing, sipping and all the major activities done by an individual throughout the day

  2. Why is the lip cancer caused?
    • Lip Cancer CareAge: This is a cause which comes under the uncontrollable category. When a person reaches age of 50 years, he/she is prone to this cancer
    • Exposure to Sun: Sun plays a vital role in causing this cancer. Extensive exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun causes this cancer.
    • Alcohol: Extensive intake of alcohol also causes lip cancer. One should have self control or should avoid it completely
    • Consumption of tobacco: Tobacco is considered as the main cause of this cancer. Chewing tobacco on a daily basis causes a lot of damage and gives rise to lip cancer
    • Human Papilloma Virus: This is not directly related to lip cancer but is still a cause of it. This is a cancer which arises in the reproductive organs of the body.

  3. How can one take lip cancer care?
    • Avoiding excessive exposure to the sun rays. One can wear a hat or a scarf to avoid them
    • Applying a sunscreen on your lips as and when you get out of the house
    • Avoiding unprotected sexual contact to decrease your risk of HPV infection
    • Stop smoking or reduce it drastically
    • Quit the consumption of tobacco and the products that contain it
    • Reduce the consumption of alcohol or just avoiding it

Lip cancer care must be taken to avoid this cancer. It is precautious way of not allowing this cancer to hit the body. As this cancer has no early signs or very less early signs, it becomes difficult to diagnose it and also gets difficult to treat it after a certain stage of this cancer.

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