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There are very few known lip cancer causes. Some of the causes of this specific oral cancer have not been identified. There are various risk factors that give rise to this cancer, but it cannot be considered as the only cause to this cancer. This is a cancer which can be treated at any stage; it mostly does not turn out to be a severe cancer, unless metastasis of this cancer occurs. It is very difficult for a medical professional to detect the exact cause of this ailment.

The main lip cancer causes are:

  1. Tobacco: Smoking Causes Lip CancerThis is largely considered as the primary reason for the development of oral cancer and also of lip cancer. Smoking of cigarettes, pipes, cigars and consumption of tobacco on a regular basis is a major cause of this ailment. Chain smokers and the people who consume tobacco at a regular interval in the whole day are considered at the highest risk of lip cancer.

  2. Alcohol: Alcohol too is considered as one of the most common cause of lip cancer. Consumption of excessive alcohol or drinking alcohol on a daily basis is a habit that can cause other problems as well as lip or oral cancer. If the individual is consuming alcohol with tobacco, the risk of lip cancer is very high.

  3. Sun: Excessive exposure to sun is also a major cause of lip cancer. This risk can be reduced by using a proper lip balm or a lotion to protect the lips from ultra-violets rays of the sun. One should always protect the face and tender parts of the face such as the lips, with the help of a hat or an umbrella from the sun.

  4. Genetics or Hereditary: Most of the times, when a person has had neck or head cancer, one can develop oral cancer or lip cancer easily. This can be termed as metastasis of the cancer. This cancer can spread to other parts of the face as well.

  5. Chewing betel nut: This is a very famous practice in various parts of India and other nations of South Asia. This causes a lot of cancer developments in many of the organs of the face, especially the mouth and the lips. Mucosa carcinoma is the cancer which develops in the cheeks and can spread to the lips as well.

  6. Human papillomavirus (HPV): This is the infection which is associated with the cervix, vagina, vulva and the penis. Even after this cancer being associated with the reproductive organs of the body, it has a strong connection in causing lip and mouth cancer.

  7. Age: As an individual advances in age, the risk of developing this cancer will rise. It is believed that this cancer arises in an individual after the age of 45 years.

  8. Gender: This cancer is more common in men than in women. This cancer is more common in men because the consumption of liquor and tobacco is higher in that gender.

  9. Poor oral cleanliness: Poor oral hygiene is also considered as a very common cause of this cancer. This is also a cause of spread of this cancer to other parts of the face, like the jaw and mouth. Generally this cancer is developed in the inner surface of the lip.

  10. Deficiencies in the diet: Deficiencies in the food such as low intake of iron, folic acid, vitamins such as A, C and E are also a lip cancer cause or they may increase the level of this cancer.

  11. Weak immune system: The individual who have other illnesses such as HIV or other major issues, are prone to this cancer on a larger extent, because the immunity level is very low because of the intake of heavy medicines.

These are a few very common lip cancer causes which can be avoided by an individual very easily, except age. This cancer mostly rises when continuous smoking and alcohol consumption is observed in an individual. If the intake of these things is reduced, the risk of developing this cancer is also reduced.

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