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The rate of lip cancer cure is very high. It is almost at 90% and is easily curable with the help of medications. Lip cancer is a type of oral cancer and is not very common in women. This is a cancer which has about 25000 annual registrations in the United States. This cancer has a very good prognosis only if it is detected in its early stage. Lip cancer affects the lips primarily and then in the later stages the whole oral cavity and parts of the neck and head. This cancer if left untreated also affects the lungs and other vital parts of the body. This cancer has no early signs or symptoms (lip cancer early signs) and thus it gets tough for one to self detect this cancer.

What causes lip cancer?

  1. Poor oral hygiene
  2. Sun
  3. Tobacco
  4. Alcohol
  5. HPV
  6. Age
  7. Diet deficiencies
  8. Weak immune system
  9. Hereditary

Lip cancer cure has the following homeopathic solutions; though it will be advisable to visit a medical professional so that correct type of treatment can be provided according to the stage of the cancer and also a correct checkup of the same is possible.

Homeopathic cures are as follows:

Lip Cancer CureHomeopathy treats a person on a whole. These medicines treat a person and target just upon the areas which are affected. It is believed that none of the homeopathic medicines have a side-effect on the patient. These medicines are selected after a full analysis of the condition of the patient is done.

  1. Phosphorus: This medicine should be consumed when the following lip cancer symptoms appear on the lips; open sores, if the sores contain some amount of pus or blood in it, burning on the lips, unbearable pain observed in the lips.

  2. Apis: This is a medicine which can be used when the following symptoms occur; swollen lips, crack in the lips, sores on the lips, and difficulty in swallowing the food or sipping water.

  3. Conium: This is a homeopathic lip cancer cure medicine which can be used for the treatment of the cancer when the following symptoms appear; if the lips are hard to touch, the shape of the lips appears different, the color of the lips has completely changes, if there are changes observed on the tongue

  4. Aurum Ars: This is a medicine which can be used when the following symptoms occur; red patches on the lips, pale sores on the lips, a bluish color patch on the lower lip, or a discoloration on the tongue

  5. Crotalus H: This medicine is consumed when the following symptoms appear; Extensive swelling of the lips, if the lips bend towards right, the tongue is also highly swollen and it adds a lot of discomfort in the mouth

  6. Condurango: This is a medicine which can be used when the following symptoms appear on the lips; pain in the lips, cracks developed on the edges of the lips, the lips feel very stretchy.

The other general homeopathic medicines that can be consumed for curing lip cancer are:

  1. Clematis
  2. Sepia
  3. Hydrastis
  4. Cabolic acid

Lip cancer cure is essential, but firstly getting to know what causes the lip cancer is more important. One should also keep in mind that ignorance to the symptoms or any abnormalities in the lips is a sign that something is wrong. It is always advisable that one should visit the medical guide to help in correct analysis and rendering proper medication to the patient. This will also help in increasing the life expectancy of the patient and reduce the spread of the cancer.

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