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Lip cancer support is mainly needed for the patients who undergo the treatment via a surgery. Lip Cancer SupportThis can cause a lot of set backs in the mind of the individual. Many a times, the recovery also takes a lot of time and help from others. Support is needed from a team which is comprised of physical therapists, dieticians, social workers and speech therapists. There are various aspects which are important and are needed for supporting the patients of lip cancer.

Physical Support:

  • This is a lip cancer therapy which involves a physical therapy and massage
  • This is a support which is used for removing or minimizing the discomfort which is caused after treating lip cancer
  • These therapy and massages also improve the jaw movement which is affected the most after lip cancer treatment
  • Speech therapy is given to the patients so that they can improve the diction and pronunciation of the words
  • There is a lot of problem in speaking and this is solved with the help of the speech therapy provided by the speech therapist
  • Special nurses are also made to visit the patients who provide services such as:-
    • Wound care
    • Oral hygiene
    • Intubation Care

Services of the dieticians:

  • These services are provided so that the patient can get the correct food and calories which will help him fight the after effects of the cancer treatment faster.

Psychological services:

  • This is the biggest support that one will need when he/she goes through a treatment of lip cancer
  • Many a times, it is observed that this is a cancer which makes a person very aggressive and very depressed, so one needs to change the mind set and get into a normal life again
  • They also feel very anxious which is not a very safe sign for a patient who is recovering
  • Many sessions of psychological counseling and peer support groups are done for the betterment of the patient

Financial Support:

  • This is or can be a very expensive treatment and can create a financial deficit in the homes of the patient
  • Financial support is given by social workers to the patients, who help the patients to use their finances in an appropriate way
  • These finances include dietary supplements, transportation, medical aides etc

Social Adaptation Services:

  • The treatment which is done for the people who are suffering from lip cancer always suffer from facial disfigurement, limited physical capacities
  • There is a lot of social interaction which happens with the patients so that they can communicate well with others and build confidence
  • An evaluation is done by the social workers who evaluate each one by their performances and then decide which activity needs to be given to them for their betterment

Family services which are provided for lip cancer support:

  • It is very important for the families of the lip cancer patients to be supportive
  • They should have the will power to get the patient out of the trauma and make him lead a life like before
  • They should be with the patients throughout the recovery process so that they can deal with the emotional stress as well as the pressure of the patients
  • This is also a process which will allow the patients to know them selves better during an ailment and will help them to take better care of lip cancer during any crisis situation

The lip cancer support groups or forums work solely for the patients and their betterment. They try their best to get the patient out of the illness and give a fast pace to the recovery period. This is the case which is seen in most of these forums where a lot of help is given to them and make them feel just at home. This is not like a school where things are taught but it is a place where the patients are self learners and a lot of help is provided to them in a very subtle manner.

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