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Lip cancer surgery is a type of treatment which is given to the patients suffering from cancer. This is the first type of treatment which is suggested by the medical professionals. This treatment is done at any stage of lip cancer. Though if the surgery is done in the later stages, after treatment sessions of chemotherapy or radiation therapy are needed in most of the cases. This will depend upon the stage and the spread of the cancer. The most common type of treatment is surgery and it is of many types.

Lip cancer surgery is of 3 types:

  1. Removal of cancer via surgery which has spread on to the neck:
    • Lip Cancer SurgeryThis is the surgery which is given to the people who have cancer in the advanced stage
    • This is a treatment which is given when the cancer has spread in the nodes of the neck and other portions of it
    • This surgery is a done in a process. The expert surgeon works on the patient so that least damage is caused
    • In most of the cases, the tissue which surround the neck also is removed by this surgery

  2. Surgery to remove the tumor:
    • This is a type of lip cancer surgery which cuts the infected portion
    • This is a surgery where in the part which is infected and the surrounding tissues are removed
    • This can be a major or a minor surgery
    • It will depend on the size of the tumor to demand the type of surgery
    • If the tumor has spread in various parts or the whole lip, most of the cases observe the removal of a part of the tongue or the jaw
    • The larger the tumor, more extensive will be the procedure performed to do the surgery

  3. Surgery to re-construct the mouth:
    • This is a surgery which is done after the removal of the tumor
    • In most of the cases, where the cancer has reached a later stage, this surgery is needed
    • This will re-construct the mouth and the infected area
    • This surgery also rebuilds the ability of eating and drinking efficiently
    • In this surgery, skin, muscles or bone transplants are done
    • The skin, muscles, or bones are removed from some part of the body
    • Dental implants are also done to regain teeth which were removed due to the surgery

With any of these three surgeries, there is always a risk for bleeding and some sort of an infection. As this surgery is done to the most vital organ of the face, it affects the appearance of the individual. This can also cause low self esteem or the moral of an individual. This surgery for a certain time can also affect the ability of swallowing, eating, sipping water. This too causes a lot of discomfort and distress in an individual and one should consult a health advisor to cope up with such changes in an individual.

Lip cancer surgery should be done with a lot of ease and should be done after a correct analysis of the individual. It is very important to detect the cancer stage and the amount of the cancer which has spread. This cancer does not show any early signs of its presence into the body, and quick detection is rare. Lip cancer is detected at a later stage in most of the cases and the first treatment which is suggested for its removal is surgery.

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