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Lip cancer symptoms are the signs which most of the times occur in all types of oral cancers. Lip cancer is the ailment that comes under the category of oral cancer and happens because of various factors. The most common reason of lip cancer occurrence is high exposure to sun. The other factors which are a cause for this cancer are tobacco, alcohol and the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Lip cancer is more common in the male gender and is mostly seen after the age of 45 years. This cancer annually occurs at the rate of 20%.

Most of the lip cancers do not have any early symptoms and thus early detection is rare in this disease. The first discomfort that is felt in the lips which is considered as the earliest sign is of sore lips. As this is the first symptom of this cancer, it stays till the cancer is not reduced. It does not heal for a very long duration. The soreness in the lips is seen generally in the lower lip, though even the upper lip can have one. The soreness in the lower lip is called as squamous cell cancer. The main reason as to why this arises is when there is an abnormal growth in the layers of the lips. This is a flat or disk shaped growth and most of the time, they cover the lip.

The most common lip cancer symptoms:

  1. Lip Cancer SymptomsDiscoloration of the lip: The area where the cancer has developed, there is a discoloration of the skin which is observed. This is the primary and the most common symptom of lip cancer

  2. Swollen lips: The lymph nodes are larger than their normal size. They are enlarged. There is a kind of bump which is felt on the lip. It is considered as the lump which contains the tumor

  3. Pain in the lips: Slight pain or a tingling effect is felt in the lip. This causes a lot of discomfort feeling in the lip

  4. Swollen organs: Both the lips have swelling on them. This is seen in most of the cases and the swelling takes a lot of time to disappear from the lips. Along with the lips, swelling is also seen in the organs which are close to the lip. Most of the times, these organs are the jaw and the mouth

  5. Bleeding: Bleeding is observed from the lip at any point of time. This bleeding occurs generally from the area where the lip is discolored

These are considered as very common symptoms of lip cancer. But if the cancer has reached a severe stage, the symptoms will differ.

The symptoms are as follows:

  1. The heart beats at an abnormally fast rate. This is a very common symptom of something wrong with the body.
  2. Very high fever is observed when this cancer has reached a severe stage. The temperature is mostly above 101 degree Celsius and it stays high for a long duration.
  3. The individual suffering from this ailment feels very restless most of the time. High fatigue is also observed in this illness.
  4. The bleeding from the lips becomes very high. As the bleeding appears very regularly and with a lot of intensity, one should consult a doctor soon so that proper medication can be provided at a correct time.

If the lip cancer is left untreated, the cancer can turn very serious. The most common sign which is seen is the bleeding of the lips; one should go and check with a doctor as soon as the bleeding occurs due to any abnormal reason. This is one of the most common major symptoms of this ailment. Many a times, the pain in the lips gets so severe, that a slight touch in lips, while eating, drinking or swallowing food is also unbearable.

Like every other cancer, the first treatment that a medical professional will suggest is surgery; followed by sessions of chemotherapy or radiation therapy. These treatments are given to the patients depending upon the phase of lip cancer and the areas where the cancer has spread.

Lip cancer symptoms are not very easy to detect as this is an organ which is not seen as an organ which will have any issues. This cancer is a common cancer at least in a few parts of the world and all the medical practitioners suggest that the symptoms should not be ignored. If the treatment does not start on time, the cancer will spread to all other oral organs and will create more issues in the treatment of lip cancer.

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