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Over the last few decades, liver cancer awareness has certainly improved thanks to the new means of communications and technology such as the internet. Liver cancer awareness answers a huge number of questions that the general public ought to know. For example, everyone is concerned about liver cancer and how it can affect them. People must know the answers to the following questions,

  • How liver cancer caused and what are its types? One must known that infections such as Hepatitis B and C, chronic digestive disorders and alcoholism can cause liver cancer of types like hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) or cholangiocarcinoma.
  • Who can be affected by liver cancer and what are the symptoms of liver cancer? People of all age groups can be infected by diseases like Hepatitis and hence liver cancer. People with alcohol habit and older people with chronic digestive and gastrointestinal disorders are especially prone to liver cancer. Symptoms of cancer are jaundice, pain in the abdominal area and frequent dark yellow urine
  • What are the potential risks associated with liver cancer and will I survive the liver cancer? Potential risks of liver cancer are permanent liver failure and even death. The best chances of survival are if you manage to detect the cancer early on and start treatment as soon as possible
  • What are the ways to detect liver cancer and where do I go for such diagnostics? Diagnostic tests are prescribed by doctors and are available in all major hospitals, specialty liver cancer care hospitals and pathology labs. Detection is possible using Ultrasound, endoscopic examination, Doppler imaging, X-ray and CT scan
  • What are the treatments and side effects of the liver cancer and what if treatment fails? A huge number of treatment options are available based on the stage of the cancer from chemotherapy, photodynamic therapy, radio ablation, radiation therapy and surgery, including a complete liver transplant. Most of these treatments have now improved and their side effects are manageable
  • Would it affect my bank balance and how long would it take before I return to normal life? Yes. As with most cancer treatments, liver cancer treatment is quite expensive. Liver transplants are known for their heavy costs but countries such as India offer cheaper surgical treatment. Quite a number of treatments are used in combinations hence recovery period is high often up to few months but this period is worth saving your life

Thus, knowing these questions and answers, you can increase your awareness of liver cancer as an individual. On a higher level when it comes to family and friends, it is important to educate and spread information about liver cancer. Do take time out to discuss this topic with your parents, spouse, children and friends.

Liver cancer awareness can help you and your families to prevent a liver cancer as well as enable any of your family members to quickly treat this disease, if detected. Do consider the following to increase liver cancer awareness amongst your family and friends,

  • Meet up and attend liver cancer seminars or talks by local hospitals and doctors
  • Participate in liver cancer rallies and public campaigns or marches
  • Help raise funds for spreading awareness as well as helping liver cancer patients
  • Organize reading sessions about topics like liver cancer research and share experiences with previous patients
  • Organize fun activities where previous patients can interact and teach younger generations about how to battle liver cancer

Remember education about liver cancer can help all individuals and your family from potential threats of liver cancer. But awareness should not stop at an individual level. It must reach the whole the community or society, and then throughout the world. To do this, spread liver cancer awareness in the community by,

  • Sporting badges, ties, lapels and caps that spread liver cancer awareness
  • Wear liver cancer ribbons, wristwatches, pendants, bracelets and wristbands that talk about liver cancer
  • Put out signboard about liver cancer or use your car license plate creatively to spread its awareness
  • Regularly distribute flyers and brochures that contain information about liver cancer

Throughout the world, liver cancer awareness is being made possible via TV, Radio shows, Internet sites, forums and chat groups, podcasts as well as traditional means like magazines and newspapers. Celebrities and previous liver patients who managed to survive easily are rightly treated as heroes and can greatly help spreading awareness of liver cancer

Liver cancer awareness is thus just not an individual effort but also a community effort. Awareness of liver cancer will certainly help you avoid liver cancer.

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