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Liver cancer care touches all aspects of the disease. Adequate care can prevent liver cancer. A person who takes the precautions mentioned below would manage to escape from liver cancer.

These precautions are as follows:

  • Lower the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol causes liver damage and cirrhosis and leads to liver cancer.
  • Be careful of who you have sex with. If your partner is affected by Hepatitis you are at great risk of acquiring hepatitis and subsequent liver damage or cancer.
  • If you are going for a tattoo or a shave or a haircut, ask the salon owner to use sterilized blades and needles. These can spread Hepatitis B and C which cause cirrhosis.
  • Do not take chronic stomach or abdominal infections or disorders lightly. These can be a sign that your liver is damaged or a cancer tumor is growing.
  • Avoid spicy, oily or too hot food. Avoid sedentary lifestyle. Exercise goes a long way in reducing your weight and throwing out toxins through sweat. It reduces pressure on the liver and hence chances of liver cancer.
  • Include a healthy diet. Diet rich in L-carnitine can help you avoid liver cancer.

Liver cancer care about symptoms and diagnosis: One must never ignore liver cancer symptoms; rush to your doctor, even if you have slightest doubt. Liver cancer manifests as abdominal pain, digestive disorders, weight loss, jaundice and nausea. Be careful not to miss out on any diagnostic tests that your doctor asks you to perform. These tests include endoscopic examination, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CT scans and liver biopsy.

Liver cancer care for treatments: Timely treatment can really make your life easier. Treatment of liver cancer is quite a steep climb. Be careful to follow dosages prescribed by doctor. Don't miss out on Chemotherapy or Radio therapy sessions.

Treatments are costly therefore take care that you arrange your finances on time. Do meet up with support groups, financial aid institutions and insurance companies and discuss finance options for the treatment. Do find out how they can aid your family not only in terms of money but also with helping out with activities like child care.

Care also needs to be exercised while following treatment appointments, diet during treatment, follow up treatments and tests and care to prevent recurrence of cancer for liver

Liver cancer care by the family: Having a family member diagnosed with liver cancer can come as a shock. It is essential to disclose the news gently to the patient. Be careful to bring out the positive side of treatment to the patient. Help him understand the need for urgent treatment. Besides this you can do the following things,

  • Try to make mundane activities exciting. Help the patient keep his mind fresh with books magazines and games. Don't let the patient keep thinking over his health condition. As far as possible allow the patient to socialize and participate in many fun activities.
  • Talk to the doctors, social workers or counselors from the hospital. Be careful to note down treatment timings and regularly follow them. Observe the liver cancer patient's symptoms. If required alert the nurses. Stick to the diet and help him in transportation to the hospital.
  • Take care of basic chores like helping out with shaving, bathing and helping the patient to the washrooms. Take care to keep his environment neat and clean as well as airy and bright.
  • Learn to listen to the patient. Avoid using harsh words or comments. Don't treat the patient as if he is on his death bed. Remember to offer continuous attention, emotional support and most importantly treat the patient with respect and affection.
  • A liver cancer patient may have his own set of fears and may suffer from anxiety regarding the outcome of the treatment. Help him to reduce these fears by taking him to a counselor.

Your care can encourage the patient and offer the strength and stamina to fight this disease.

Care from outside sources: Hospital staff, cancer care centers, and palliative care centers or hospices, all provide care for liver cancer patients. Do find out one in your locality that can greatly ease your burdens and focus on treatment.

If you need financial help, do talk to your insurance agents or local banks or charity organizations in your city. Do keep all documents related to finances including medical bills handy. Many private institutions, charitable trusts and loan companies offer co-payment options. Do take help from these organizations

A huge number of organizations provide shelter and food for patients or their families.

Show that you care for liver cancer patients: As a good human being, realize your duty to spread liver cancer awareness. Do take initiative to participate or organize fair or exhibits about liver cancer. Show that you care by sponsoring patients or donating to liver cancer hospitals. Do sport bands, ribbons, badges and pins that express your care for liver cancer patients.

Liver cancer care will certainly save you and your family from liver cancer. Do extend your care not only to your family members but also throughout your community.

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