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Liver cancer survival rate is something that is calculated on a scale of 5 years. This research takes into account the case of people who have been diagnosed with liver cancer during previous span of five years. This study further reveals the percentage of people who survived the disease for at least 5 years post getting diagnosed with liver cancer. The status of these patients is followed through the period and an estimated conclusion is arrived at. However, as liver cancer life expectancy is calculated taking into account a large number of patients, the end result cannot be relied upon to arrive at individual survival chance. Twp persons diagnosed with same disease might still stand differently when it comes to their chance to overcome the disease depending on individual medical condition.

A person might be diagnosed with Liver cancer either through:

  • Primary Liver Cancer: Primary liver cancer occurs in the liver. It's believed that hepatitis propels a person towards primary liver cancer. A person may also get diagnosed with liver cancer if he has been an alcoholic, suffers from hepatitis C, hemochromatosis and cirrhosis or has a damaged liver since birth. According to a study, out of the total number of cancers occurring in the US, primary liver cancer stands at 2%. A person might as well catch primary liver cancer through secondary liver cancer wherein the cancer might not have originated in the liver but some other part of the body, yet it affects the liver as it grows gradually and starts to spread throughout the body

  • Secondary or Metastatic Liver Cancer: The metastatic or secondary liver cancer usually occurs in some other part in the body but due to negligence or ignorance on the part of the patient. Gradually, it spreads out of its point of origin and affects every organ or tissues that it comes in contact with. Such metastatic cancer if affects the liver could be called Secondary or Metastatic Liver cancer. Patients with metastatic liver cancer have a poor rate of survival chance in spite of available advanced medical technologies. So, a bit of caution and alertness could save the life for a person. Studies tell that the life expectancy as far as metastatic liver cancer is concerned is threateningly low at 6 to 12 months since the time of getting diagnosed with the same.

According to the study reports, the survival rate for patients who have small tumor that could be removed have around 50% of survival chances. Again, patients whose tumors have been detected at the benign stage and could be eligible for a liver transplant enjoy a survival rate of 60% to 70%.

Liver cancer may occur due to reasons as mentioned below:

  • Diabetes: Researchers have found that people with diabetic condition are prone to getting diagnosed with liver cancer. So, there has been a link between diabetes and liver cancer.

  • Race: It has been found that people belonging to the Pacific Island or Asian Americans are the ones who mostly are likely to get diagnosed with this cancer

  • Rare disease: Some rare diseases like tyrosinemia, alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency etc are also found to cause liver cancer

  • Sex: It has been found that men are more prone to getting diagnosed with liver cancer than women

  • Inherited metabolic diseases: There are diseases that hinder the human metabolism system, these further increases the risk to get liver cancer for person with such defect

  • Weight: Research suggests that obesity might cause liver cancer in some people

No Individual can predict his own liver cancer life expectancy rate despite the fact that treatment is available for the same and there have been advancement in the medical science on this front. If the patient neglects the early symptoms he is likely to put himself in more trouble and make things more difficult for himself. Liver cancer life expectancy besides other things depends on factors such as, size of the tumor, stage that it has currently reached, whether it has grown out of its original spot and spread to other body parts.

Research says that an advanced stage of liver cancer has a sad survival chance of only 3 to 4 months post diagnosis. Contrary to it, if the liver cancer gets diagnosed in its benign stage the patient has a good possibility of undergoing surgery to remove the burgeoning tumor. With proper diagnosis and a healthy lifestyle a liver cancer patient can easily survive for more than five years.

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