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Liver cancer support is essential for uplifting a patient's morale. Liver cancer is a deadly disease that affects the liver and associated organs such as bile ducts.

Why does a liver cancer patient need support: A liver cancer patient is exposed to many risks such as severe liver damage, damage to other organs including colon, kidneys, stomach and pancreas, liver failure and even death due to complete liver failure. Liver cancer patient therefore needs support to manage this disease, liver cancer diagnosis, its treatment and its side effects.

Liver cancer support for treatment: Liver cancer treatments require huge investments into multiple aspects of the treatment. Liver cancer patient has to undergo an array of diagnostics including expensive tests such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging and liver biopsies. Once the tests determine the type and stage of the liver cancer, he has to undergo a variety of treatments. Often a single treatment procedure may not cure the liver cancer completely. This makes it necessary to have combined treatments. Radiotherapy, chemotherapy, radio ablation and liver surgery are done in combinations to get rid of the liver cancer. This adds to the cost of the treatments.

Drugs and vaccines for treatment and post treatment medicines which ensure that the liver cancer won't recur too are costly.

Hence, a liver cancer patient requires support in terms of finance. There are a number of organizations that can support the treatment in the following ways,

  • Providing low cost resources for medicines, syringes and blood
  • Coordinating with the doctors and hospital staff
  • Arranging to and fro transport for the patient
  • Taking care of appointments and schedules for the patient
  • Providing loans for diagnostics tests, treatments and post treatment rehabilitation
  • Funding cancer care, child care and home care centers

A special case with liver cancer is that if the patient's liver is highly damaged, he may have to go in for a liver transplant surgery. This means he will receive a new liver from a donor. This treatment is not only very costly but also difficult to achieve because the donor's liver has to match with the patient's body type. Finding such a donor is difficult. Therefore, some organizations also support in tracing such donors besides helping with huge cost of surgery. Liver cancer support is provided not only on individual level but also on a family and community level.

Liver cancer support for family: During treatment, the cancer patient may have to stay at the hospital or the cancer care clinic. This means that he may be away from family for long. Here support is required by family to care of its daily chores. For example, support is required to take care of the patient's children or parents. This is where liver cancer counselors and family organizations can chip in to help the patient and his family. Support can be given in the following forms and they are:

  • Helping the family as well as the patient cope with initial shock of acquiring liver cancer
  • Providing emotional and financial support to the family and the patient
  • Helping the patient and his family manage their day to day responsibilities in a better way
  • Providing counseling about the need for regular treatment and not missing out on diagnostic tests
  • Helping the family to treat the patient in a positive and encouraging way

Social workers, doctors and such organizations also provide support to help the patient disclose his condition to the family. They help him and his families manage their emotional response. They support the family to tackle their fears and anxiety about liver cancer.

Liver cancer support is also administered in the following ways:

  • Support through liver cancer helpline and telephonic support by specially trained social workers
  • Support that spreads education and awareness about liver cancer symptoms diagnostics and treatments
  • Support through dedicated online liver cancer websites, forums and chat groups
  • Support through local hospitals and governmental and non governmental agencies in acquiring doctors appointments, treatments and even financial aid
  • Support through mass media like radio, television talk shows, newspapers, magazines and distributing flyers, pamphlets and brochures.
  • Support by felicitating liver cancer survivors and celebrities who endorse liver cancer treatments

Liver cancer support comes not only through your family but also through your friends. Friends can help you ease the pain by adding cheer to your surrounding and organizing fun activities that help you take your mind off the treatment.

Liver cancer support thus tackles issues such as emotional handling, actual treatments and financial aid. The best way to show your support is by being there for the liver cancer patient.

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