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Introduction to lung cancer:

Lung cancer accounts to most of the cancer deaths in the United States. 70% to 80% of lung cancer cases recorded is because of addiction to smoking. Lung cancer is basically of two types:- primary lung cancer and malignant lung cancer. In primary lung cancer, the cancerous cells develop in the lungs itself whereas in the malignant lung cancer the cancerous cells spread to the lungs from the cancerous tumor developed in the other body parts. Prognosis of lung cancer reflects a prediction about likely development of cancerous tumors in lungs or other nearby regions. To understand how tumor in the lung affects the function of lungs, we must know the anatomy of the lungs. In human body, the trachea i.e. the windpipe divides into two main air passages called as the bronchi. The right bronchus is connected to the right lung whereas the left bronchus is connected to the left lung. Right lung is divided into three parts called as lobes whereas the left lung is divided into two parts also known as lobes. The structure present in the left lung corresponding to the middle lobe of the right lung is called as Lingula. The bronchus gets divided into smaller branches called as bronchioles. The bronchioles have structure resembling like a sac at the end which is called as Alveoli where the exchange of gases i.e. exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen takes place. So, when the tumor is developed in the lungs, it disturbs the function of Alveoli's leading to complications in the respiratory functions.

Symptoms of lung cancer:

  1. Coughing that does not reduce
  2. Chest pain
  3. Hemoptysis, a medical word for blood coming out of cough
  4. Shortness of breath
  5. Hoarseness
  6. Wheezing
  7. Problems in breathing
  8. Fatigue and dullness

Above enlisted are few of the evidence of lung cancer. If these symptoms and early signs of lung cancer are persistent for more than a week or two, it's time you visit your doctor as soon as possible. Do not neglect these symptoms.

Lung cancer awareness:

  • Since, most of the cases of lung cancer recorded are due to addiction of smoking, awareness about the ill-effects of smoking must be spread, especially amongst the youth. Very few people get addicted to smoking after the age of 21 years. Rehabilitation centers have been set up to help people overcome their addiction of smoking.

  • Exposure to asbestos dust and lead dust also gives rise to lung cancer. Hence, most of the factory workers develop lung cancer.

  • When the lung cancer awareness is spread, people will understand its root cause and will inculcate healthy habits.

  • Building strong immune system will help in reducing the cancer risk. White Blood Corpuscles (WBC's) fight foreign bodies thereby protecting our body from diseases.

  • Consuming healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly, cutting on the amount of alcohol, quitting smoking and chewing tobacco, having adequate sleep and keeping away from stress are few factors that will reduce the risk of cancer and build a strong immune system.

Cancer day is celebrated on 7th of November every year. Initiatives must be taken at individual level to educate people about the cancer. There is no need to panic about cancer. Nowadays, treatments are available to cure cancer. Radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgical procedure of lung cancer are primary treatments used to cure cancer. Cancer if diagnosed early can increase the survival rate. So always remember that early detection of cancer leads to successful treatment of cancer.

Take care!

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