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Cancer is caused due to the changes in the function of genes such as oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. These genes regulate the growth of cells in a controlled manner. When the function of these genes gets altered, it gives rise to a medical condition called as cancer. We can now define cancer as the unregulated rapid growth of cells which invade the organ and surrounding healthy tissues if not treated early.

In lung cancer, the cancerous cells start developing in the lungs and it is called as primary lung cancer. When a tumor that has developed in other parts of the body spreads to lungs then it is called as malignant lung cancer. Lung cancer progresses in four stages. The first level of lung cancer includes the tumor remaining confined to the lungs itself. In the second and third stages of lung cancer, the cancerous cells have spread to the lymph nodes. In the fourth and the last stage of cancer, the tumor has attacked most of the body parts. The malignant cancerous tumor is very difficult to cure in the last stage. Hence, early detection of cancer will lead to early treatment of cancer increasing the survival rate.

Lung Cancer Support:

Regular visit to your doctor is must after post cancer treatment. Most of the cancers are recurrent. So, taking regular appointments with your doctor will ensure that your cancer does not come back.

Emotional support offered by the family and closed ones will surely help in coping with the lung cancer. Along with the proper treatment, the cancer patient also needs love and affection from dear ones. Positive outlook towards life will help boost the self confidence of the patient.

There are cancer palliative care centers. They offer cancer treatment as well as emotional support. They bring a positive ray of light in your life.

Lung Cancer Support Groups:

  • Local Cancer Support Groups:

    There are many organizations that come up with local cancer centre groups. These lung cancer support groups enable face to face interaction. They offer you help on all your cancer related problems.

  • Online Lung Cancer Support Groups:

    Online lung cancer community or lung cancer support groups help you to access your query any time in the day or night since internet is available 24/7. Sitting at home, you can get lot of information and solutions regarding your lung cancer problem.

    Some of the online cancer support groups are enlisted below:

    1. CancerCare: This online support group is a non-profit organization that puts forward online support groups, allows telephonic interaction and face to face interaction for residents of New York.

    2. Wellness community: It is especially designed to give support to cancer patients.

    3. CancerCompass: This online community has got many active message board discussions where people can interact with each other and ask questions. Many cancer survivors are online on this community.

    4. The Cancer Survivors Network: This online community is a part of American Cancer Society which provides chat rooms and discussions groups for cancer survivors and their dear ones.

One of the primary reasons for lung cancer is smoking. Staying away from smoking will reduce the chances of developing lung cancer. Today's youth must be educated about the ill-effects of lung cancer. Many rehabilitation centers have been built up which provide help to get rid of the dangerous habit. Having a healthy diet, exercising regularly, having sufficient sleep and not taking too much of stress will help you in leading a better life.

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