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The day of lymphoma cancer awareness is observed all over world, every year on 15th September. This day makes people conscious about effects of lymphatic cancer. It is a shocking fact that one million people are living with lymphatic tumors on the globe. More than a 1000 people are getting diagnosed and confirmed of having cancer of lymph nodes every day. Yet people know very little about the signs and indication of lymphoma. International medical surveys show that 49% patients are aware about growth of tumors in their lymphatic system. Currently Lymphoma Coalition (LC) a nonprofit organization has set up 49 centers in 36 countries. These centers are creating consciousness among people about hazardous effects of lymphatic cancer. Another group WLAD was commenced in 2004 to make people know about Hodgkin and non Hodgkin cancer. These are two chief classifications of lymph cancers.

International campaigns for consciousness about lymph cancer

52 percent people in the world are devoid of lymphoma cancer awareness. Most specialists of cancer think that enough funding is not being done to set up advanced treatment hospitals, to cure cancer of lymphatic nodes. WLAD conducted a campaign of public awareness about lymphatic tumors. This campaign was called "Know your nodes". This campaign involved many people all over world to know more about lymph nodes. It focused on spreading genuine information about symptoms and signs of lymphoma tumors. The Lymphoma Coalition also conducted an international survey in year 2006. It revealed that only 74 percent people did not know that lymphoma is a cancer tumor. 49 percent people did not have any preliminary information about lymphatic tumors.

Consciousness campaigns about lymphatic cancer by Lymphoma Coalition raised world awareness about the disease. These campaigns helped common public, friends, doctors and patients to know more about lymphatic cancer. Many patients joined the membership of Lymphoma Coalition and shared their experience of getting treatment of lymphatic tumors. This group also contributed funds to raise curative programs for lymphatic cancer patients.

Commercial campaigns to create lymphoma cancer consciousness

Strong commercial campaigns are being run in the US itself, to create lymphoma cancer awareness. Many leading manufacturers of consumers' commodities are promoting these campaigns by writing inspiring slogans on their products. Take for example The Lymphoma Awareness T-shirt Shop is conveying messages to know about lymphomas through its clothing and apparels. This shop sells such T-shirts, gifts, stickers and apparels to raise consciousness about lymphatic cancer among people.

How to get and manage information about lymph cancer

Patients and common people can manage to get and preserve genuine information about lymph cancer by themselves. People can become conscious if they know some basic facts about lymph cancer. Firstly they have to know that lymphatic cancer develops in the lymphatic system of human body. It also spreads over organs and tissues like spleen and tonsils. It stops normal functioning of lymphocytes (a white blood cell) by stimulating development of tumors amidst them. Lymph nodes help to fight infections and diseases that enter human body through microbial agents. Growth of lymphoma has been classified in three categories, they are:

  • Lymphoma without symptoms.
  • Lymphoma with symptoms like weight loss, chill, night sweats, vomiting and nausea.
  • Lymphoma with over spread from lymphatic nodes to different organs.

How to get confirm tests of lymphoma cancer

Lymphoma cancer can be diagnosed and confirmed with tests like blood segmentation, biopsy, tissue biopsy, lumbar puncture, CT scan and tissue biopsy. Advanced scans like MRI and PET also help to locate the presence of cancer in the lymphatic nodes. Tissue biopsy is also an important part of diagnosing lymphatic cancers. In this process a part of bone marrow is extracted from the hip, using a surgical needle. Muga Scan is another important technique that indicates about healthy heart functioning. Finally X Ray scans are used to view the present condition of lymphatic system. All these scans and tests help to confirm about actual condition of tumors in human lymphatic nodes. These are advanced techniques that create lymphoma cancer awareness among patients and oncologists.

Some patients from the US have claimed that they were not having too many sources for research after being diagnosed. Fortunately many renowned cancer specialists and treatment institutions have started sharing information about lymphatic cancer on their official websites. Internet has become an easy and valuable source to get all desired and genuine information about lymphatic tumors. Common people and patients can use internet and medical magazines to create lymphoma cancer awareness.

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