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Lymphoma is caused due to growth of tumor in the immune system. Many lymphoma cancer causes have been discovered by cancer surgeons in last 20 years. This type of cancer begins when cells multiply and interfere with normal functioning of lymphatic system. This system works in coordination with its constituent units known as lymphocytes. These units are also known as white cells and constitute a lymph fluid in the immune system. Lymphocytes prevent attacks made by antigens which cause illness to the body. Lymphatic nodes of the system prevent entry of viruses and bacteria in the human body. Growth of cancer tumors in these nodes stop proper filtration of toxic agents and allow them to enter the body. In this way body becomes a victim of diseases and loses its status of having sound health.

Reasons for rise of lymphatic cancer

  1. Genetic factors: Defect in genetic inheritance of persons from their preceding generations contributes to lymphoma cancer. Genetic mutations or fault in formation of chromosomes makes a person vulnerable to develop lymphoma cancer during any part of his life. Genetic defect is one of the basic lymphoma cancer causes.

  2. Carcinogenic factors: The DNA in the human body is damaged by Carcinogens that promote development of cancer cells in the lymphatic nodes. Even pesticides or other toxic chemicals when consumed accidently damage the DNA cells and cause cancer lymphoma. Frequent use of black hair dye enhances quantity of NHL that enhances chances of lymphoma cancer. There are some other carcinogenic factors like free radicals that deprive human body of essential immunity cells. This causes entry of cancer cells and gives rise to lymphoma cancer.

  3. Subsidiary health factors: With gradual aging process, cancers causing changes or mutations are seen in the DNA material of the human body. These genetic mutations are generally seen during ages of 16-34 years and 55 years of age. Some additional agents that enhance rate of lymphatic cancer are T-lymphocytic virus type (HTLV-1), Helicobacter pylori, Epstein-Barr and Hepatitis B.

  4. Effect of drugs: Frequent use of drugs during early years of life weakens the immune system in human body. This causes lymphatic cancer during later years of life.

  5. Presence of HIV virus: Persons having HIV positive reports and rheumatic arthritis have been seen to suffer from cancer lymphoma.

  6. Stomach disorders: Gastritis & stomach ulcers caused by bacteria called H.pyelori enhance rate of cancer in the human lymphatic system.

  7. Environmental causes: Readers will be surprised to know that some chemicals like alcohol, acetone, toluene and benzene cause rise of cancer tumor in the lymphatic system. Exposure of body to chemicals like Benzene destroys functioning of lymphatic nodes and allows growth of cancer tumors.

  8. Prior radiation therapy treatments: Some people take prior treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy. These treatments give rise to multiplication of tumor cells in lymphatic nodes.

How to cure lymphoma cancer?

Lymphatic cancer can be treated effectively by advanced formulated acid therapy. Radiation therapy has also been successfully approved to treat lymphatic cancer cells. This therapy employs focusing high frequency beta or gamma radiations on lymphatic cancer tumors. Powerful laser beams have also been found very effective to fix lymphoma cancer. Study of lymphoma cancer causes guide cancer specialists to choose the safest and most compatible therapy for successful results.

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